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About Us

What Is Subtl Beauty?

Subtl Beauty is a makeup brand for the girl on-the-go. Our makeup stack is designed to fit all of your basic essentials in a mini, convenient stack that literally fits in the palm of your hand.

Even better, It's 100% customizable to meet your needs.

Build your stack by picking and choosing which product or shade you want in your personalized stack, based on your everyday needs and preferences.

The Story Behind the Brand 

rachel reid, founder of subtl beauty
Rachel, Founder & CEO

I’m not an aspiring #MUA #Influencer or #trendsetter. I’m a woman with career goals, family responsibilities, a social life, and a very real need for portability in my beauty products.

I first realized this need when I was consulting during the summer of 2016. Between traveling to DC every week and also being in a new relationship, I was spending maybe 2 nights a week in my own house. I needed a beauty solution that not only traveled well in a carry-on but one that could also fit in a small clutch or crossbody bag (literally the only thing I was carrying to his house at the time.)

This is how the idea of Subtl Beauty came to be. I developed the Subtl Beauty stack to be compact enough to fit in my clutch for my sleepovers, but also big enough to hold full-size products for travel and daily use.

While I initially developed the Subtl Beauty Stack for myself, I quickly learned that other women share my same needs in their own way, and so Subtl Beauty became theirs as well - 

For Anissa, who uses her 11am window between meetings to do her makeup.

For Shannon, who only travels with a carry-on suitcase.
For Melissa, who likes to touch-up before happy hour.
For Taylor, who needs to reapply at the club after 2 hours on the dance floor.
For Meredith, who applies her makeup in her car before meeting with her clients.
For Mallory, who gets ready for work at the gym in the morning.
For Lindsay, who is backpacking across Europe right now.
For Cindy, who applies her makeup at her kid’s bus stop.
For You.

Mission & Vision

We want to give women more freedom & flexibility in their everyday. We were sick of applying our 7pm makeup at 6 am all because our products were too big to take with us on-the-go.

Can't find your shade? Tell us the brand you're using and we will get it added to the matrix