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Stack 1.0 is now Stak 2.0

Looking for the Pink Stack?

We’ve made some upgrades!

subtl beauty founder

launched in 2019, Rachel’s mission from the very beginning of Subtl’s journey was to provide a beauty routine in the most convenient and portable way possible.

over the years, we shipped hundreds of thousands of pink stacks across the US and Canada, seeking feedback from each customer. While many praised its ease and compactness, there were consistent areas for improvement.

our team got to work

taking the next 2 years developing the perfect makeup stack.

As a result, the Subtl Makeup Stak was born

we changed our name - slightly

because “stak” is trademarkable, it protects us (and you) from all the copycats that have been popping up over the years.

We didn’t want customers to get us confused with someone else and have a bad experience. But let’s jump into the more exciting new features:

subtl stak mirror flipping open

we added a mirror in the lid

our team designed a flip-top mirror lid that can screw off and on any layer for hands-free use!

we fixed the sticking issue!

we redesigned the threads on the layers so that the new stack would be impossible to get stuck (this alone made the new stak incompatible with the pink one) 

integrated a brush into the stak

a mini brush was added to the base of the stack to create a truly all-in-one experience!

subtl makeup stak how to refill

improved our sustainability

during development, we decided to make a couple of other enhancements:

we made the layers refillable! This meant expanding the diameter by 1cm, but this was a sustainability step we felt was important to our global impact.

we added more product!

an added bonus of the expanded diameter: we increased the amount of formula you get in each layer, allowing your makeup stak to last even longer than before!

the extra width also helps protect the products in case of accidental drops.

made major improvements to formulas

finally, major improvements were made across all of our formulas based on the customer feedback we had collected over the years. (go big, or go home!)

what are you waiting for?

time to start stak-ing!

We know you’re going to fall in love with the upgraded makeup stak, but don’t just take our word for it

here’s what our customers are saying:

subtl beauty makeup stack makeup review
"i'm hooked!"

Denisa R

"Enter my first purchase with Subtl Beauty. After the first two days of wearing it, I was hooked! I’ve been a Subtl customer for a year now and have never looked back.

This company and these products are truly some of the very best I’ve found. I love how convenient this is for travel!! It goes everywhere with me! If you’re looking to simplify your makeup routine, save money, and showcase your natural beauty, this product is exactly what you need!"

rated 5 out of 5 stars
subtl makeup stak customer review
"I will forever repurchase!"

Khain Dela Rosa

"I've loved your products since the pink stack & now that the upgraded stak is out, I've loved them even more! I love that it's portable and compact, which makes it a great use especially when traveling.

It's the make up product I reach for when I know I'm going to be putting on makeup in the car. It's mess-free and definitely hassle-free! I could go on and on about how I love Subtl!"

rated 5 out of 5 stars
"the new stak is such an upgrade!"

Mollie B

"I was looking for a simple makeup routine for traveling when I discovered Subtl, but it has quickly become my go-to every day solution for looking put together in no time. It’s a you-but-better line of makeup, all in a stackable system that fits in the palm of your hand. The flattering shade range makes it really easy to pick a few products and look put together without looking overdone.

I really believe in this company, I respect their mission and how they listen to their customers and continue to improve. Subtl fan for life here!"

rated 5 out of 5 stars