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5 game-changing makeup tips I wish I knew sooner

hey, lovely people! Keira here, back with another tutorial. if you're new around here, welcome! today, i'm excited to share some game-changing makeup tips inspired by a tiktok i stumbled upon. these tips have truly revolutionized my makeup routine, and i can't wait to pass them along to you. so, let's dive right into it.

1. dermaplaning

the first tip is not about a makeup product but a prep tip that can elevate your makeup game. consider using a small straight razor blade to shave your face. i know there are myths about increased hair growth, but fear not! they are indeed myths. shaving my face has been a game-changer for me. it helps remove peach fuzz and makes my makeup application incredibly smooth. remember to clean the razor properly before and after use, and you might want to watch a detailed tutorial on how to do it right so as not to cause any acne. 

2. hydrating and glowy base

for a hydrating and glowy base, i swear by the combination of supergoop glow screen and a tinted mineral sunscreen. this duo blurs the skin and provides a radiant base before makeup application. recently, i've been mixing the sunscreen with my liquid foundation for an even glowier finish. a good hydrating sunscreen makes a noticeable difference and gives your skin a healthy glow. not to mention sun protection is key!

3. blend upward for a lifted effect

always remember to blend upward! whether you're applying bronzer or blush, angling your brush upward lifts the face. when using bronzer, avoid dragging the brush down, as it can counteract the lifting effect. being intentional with upward brush strokes has made a significant difference in the overall look and feel of my makeup.

4. pat more, drag less 

when concealing the under-eye area or blemishes, opt for a patting motion instead of dragging. using your finger to dot and gently pat the concealer makes a huge difference. it allows the product to stay put and blend seamlessly, unlike the potential product loss when using a beauty blender. the patting technique ensures better coverage and a flawless finish.

5. creamy concealer hacks

if you're using a creamy concealer, like the subtl beauty concealer, it's essential to manage its tendency to settle into natural wrinkles. apply the concealer at the beginning of your routine, then revisit it after completing the rest of your makeup. add a touch more to the eyes and any prominent blemishes. finally, set these areas with a light touch of shine control powder to ensure they stay in place throughout the day.

and there you have it – my top five makeup tips that have truly transformed my daily routine. i'd love to hear your game-changing makeup tips as well! drop a comment below and let me know. if we get enough responses, maybe i'll consider a part two with your suggestions. don't forget to subscribe so you won't miss any more videos. until next time, take care!

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