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5 Minute Makeup Look Using Only One Makeup Brush

One of the keys to a quick makeup routine is having tools ready that you can rely on. Look no further than the Stack Brush BFF and Dry Brush Cleaner. The Stack Brush is adjustable for both precise and all-over face applications. Just quickly swish it through the Dry Brush Cleaner to remove excess pigment and you’re ready to move on to the next product.

Never tried using only 1 brush for a full look? Pauline uses both the Stack Brush and the Dry Brush Cleaner in this quick and easy 5 minute makeup look.

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Stack Brush BFF  (free with every order!)
Arlington Concealer
Shine Control Powder
Chai Bronzer
Dry Brush Cleaner
Mauve Lip + Cheek
Champagne Highlighter

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