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How to take your Eyeshadow from Day to Night

Take any look from day to night by blending the matte shade of any Eyeshadow Duo into the outer corner and crease of the eye. This will create depth and shadows around the eyes for a more dramatic look.

Pauline takes you step-by-step in this tutorial. From eyeshadow blending basics, to finishing touches for a nighttime look, you’ll know how to go from day to night in no time!

Products featured:

Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush
Bronzer in Warm Glow
Nectar Duo
Arlington Concealer
Perfectly Pink Lip + Cheek



Hey there, it's Pauline here from Zilch Beauty and I'm super pumped to show you this really fast and easy tutorial on how to bring an eyeshadow look from day tonight with Subtl's Eyeshadow Duos. So if you're interested in learning how to do this with your duo, keep on watching, right?

So this is one of my favorite things to talk about because it's so easy, especially with these Subtl products. So I have my face done as if I were, you know, going out for a daytime look, but I don't have anything on my eyes just yet. So I'm gonna show you what I would do to go ahead and build out a quick little daytime look with Subtl's Nectar duo, plus a couple things from the stack. But then I'm gonna show you how to amp it up at night.

So my first step is going to make sure that I'm grabbing onto the Subtl Beauty eyeshadow brush. This thing is pretty cool. It has two retractable edges, one with a fluffier, more angled brush, and then the other side has a bit more of a dense brush that you can really pack on some pigment with.

My favorite way to start a look, whether it's day or night, is actually with the transition shade. So I'm gonna actually go into the Subtl Bronzer in the shade Warm and I'm gonna pick it up with that angled brush right here. Now once I have some of that pigment on here, I'm going to just look down into a mirror and I'm gonna focus that. I'm gonna actually turn the brush upward and have the point of the slant down and I'm going to just swipe that into my crease.

Now you'll see the shade pickup pretty quickly, but the reason we're doing this is, number one, just blend in our contour or bronzer that we already have on our face with our eye look, especially for a daytime look, this is such a simple, easy way to bring some definition to the eye without, you know, going too crazy. So even from this eye to this side, you really can see the difference there. So I'm going to go ahead and do the other eye.

So now that we have that base down, I am going to go into my duo. I'm gonna use the shade Nectar to stay with this kind of warm toned look that we have going. And what I'm actually gonna do, the duos are great, they have one side that is a matte color and then another side that is a shimmer shade. So I'm actually gonna pick up the shimmer shade with my finger. These are super pigmented.

This is this really pretty gold and I'm gonna just focus this right in the middle of my eye and focus that in like small little circles right on the inner and middle of my lid. You can really see that beautiful gold starting to pop. Gonna pick up a little more and just start to layer on top. And honestly, you could go out the door just like that. You have this beautiful easy shade. You could go back in with that brush just to out that bronzer that you had started. But again, this is transitioning from the rest of your skin into the eye and it's just this really easy daytime love. So I'm gonna go ahead and do it on the other eye.

So there you can see how pretty and bright that is for daytime wear. You could literally just leave it like this, throw so mascara on, and be on your way. However, the Nectar Duo does come with this bit of a deeper shade that is a little bit more pigmented than our bronzer, but it's still in that warm family.

So I'm gonna go in now with that other end of the dual brush and I'm gonna pick up just a little bit of that matte pigment. Look how much payoff comes with this baby. I actually think depending on your skin tone, the shade might look slightly different than it does on your skin than in the pans. This is a great way to kind of test out what you're working with. But I'm just gonna take a little bit of that leftover and I'm gonna kind of follow the same shape that we made with the bronzer and just start in that outer corner to really pack in that pigment. And then I'm just gonna kind of brush it up and into that crease on top of that bronzer shade that we did. And just make really small little circles to buff this up and out.

So I'm bringing some definition by pulling from that corner down along my lash line a little bit and back up. So we're kind of creating this upward lifted shape. I'm gonna go under my bottom lash line with that shade as well. Then you can always flip over and keep buffing out with that other side. Any fallout, you can always clean up with a little bit of your concealer, but hopefully you can see from side to side this eye is definitely amped up quite a bit more. So I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side and we will have our final steps for a nighttime look complete.

Always go in with your concealer once you're done to clean up any sort of fallout. I am using the Subtl Concealer in shade, Arlington just on a flat brush and I love that just to clean up any edges that I might not have gotten before.

From here, you know, I need to add some drama. So I'm gonna go in with mascara to really liven up this look. I always say add an extra layer of mascara. If you wanna go a little bit of extra flare to amp this up even more for nighttime, I might bring a little bit of that excess mascara down onto my bottom lashes just to give that under eye definition. And from there I'm just gonna fill in my brows a little bit.

From there you can touch up your lip and cheek. I'm using Perfectly Pink right on the tops of my cheeks just to freshen me up for an evening out. And from there, you have a super simple day to night look using one of their new duos. You can do this with all of their duos. I just used the shade nectar tonight, but you can't go wrong with a shimmer. A little bit of definition and some mascara in my opinion. So hope this was helpful. Bye!

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