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An Easy Holiday Party Look For Everyone

Niara is here with a gorgeous holiday party look that anyone can achieve! Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll want to watch this tutorial for helpful tricks and amazing inspiration for all of your events this season.

Products Used

Mauve Lip and Cheek
Plum Lip and Cheek
Espresso Bronzer
Shine Control Powder
Daytrip at Dawn Blush
Dune Eyeshadow Duo
Sunset Eyeshadow Duo
Barely Peach Eyeshadow Duo
Feelin' First Class Eyeshadow Duo



Hey y'all, welcome back. My name is Niara Alexis and today I'm gonna be showing you how you can get a nice holiday glam look using some of the Subtl Beauty products. I used a lot of them today to complete this look! So let's get into the tutorial.

Okay, so we're doing a little holiday makeup. First, I have my base on and everything. I wanna put on some blush, so I'm gonna use the Lip and Cheek. And I'm using two shades! I'm using Mauve and I believe this is berry? No, making up my own shades… Plum. Mauve and Plum. I wanna mix them together, kind of create my own sort of shade. That's what I like to do with these because they're so easy to blend together.

I'm putting down my cream blush first, and I'm gonna go back with a powder because while you're at this holiday party, you're gonna be dancing, you're gonna be grooving, you're gonna be doing your thing, having fun with your friends, and your blush is the quickest to fade. So I feel like it's good to reinforce your blush.

I'm gonna reinforce my blush and my bronzer, I have a little bit of a cream bronzer on and I'm gonna show you what I do for that too. Gonna put that on both cheeks. Now I'm gonna apply setting powder and we'll come back and I'll show you how I'm gonna lock everything in. And when you're setting your face, make sure you're going over that blush too. That'll help it stay in place longer. You might think like, oh it defeats a purpose. Trust me, your blush is gonna last way longer if you put the setting powder on top of it. 

So now I have set my face and we're gonna go ahead and set our cheeks. So I've put all of my cream products on. Then I'm gonna go back with powder products to lock them in, like I said. So I'm using the bronzer shade Espresso. I'm using the same exact brush, by the way. I don't feel like you need a million brushes to get the look that you want. Wherever you put your bronzer or your cream bronzer product, just put that right on top and set it in place. So this is just gonna lock it in for the whole night. And I’ll put some on my forehead too — if you're feeling a little pale, you wanna add some warmth to your face. 

And then actually I'm not gonna use this brush again because the bronze actually kind of darkened it up. So I'm taking another brush and then I'm using the blush in shade Daytrip at Dawn. This is one of my favorite shades and I'm just gonna put that right on top. This is another way you can kind of customize your blush too, because you saw I put pink and purple shades together for my cream blush. And then I'm putting this pinky shade on top, like I'm just creating my own little cheek experience here. They're cheeking, they're cheeking… and I’m liking it! 

So I feel like you can go for a very shimmery eye, but I'm a very neutral eye type of gal and I feel like it lends itself well because whenever I'm in a rush doing my makeup, trying to get ready for an event or something, I don't ever have to think too hard about my eye because I know I like neutral colors. 

So I'm gonna be using three different eyeshadow duos today. The first one I'm gonna start off with, this is Dune and I'm using the brown shade in here. It's matte, but it has a little shimmer in there so it adds to your festive mood that you should be in heading to this party. So I'm doing a little bit in my crease, not too much. I used to go for a very heavy smokey crease, but not so much anymore. So I'm just putting a little bit of this in the outer corner and in my crease. I also have naturally dark lids so it kind of blends right in. 

Now I want to take the Sunset duo and I'm going to — I'm taking the exact same brush — and I'm sweeping that all over, like kind of into that back corner/middle of my eyelid. You see it's adding a little pop of color, just like a very subtle rosy terracotta shade. Lastly, I'm going in with the Barely Peach. This one has been a heavy rotation for me. Using the small little flat brush, I'm taking the light beige shade in here. Also, I don't know if I told you guys, in the Sunset Duo I used the matte shade.

So I'm taking the light beige in the Barely Peach duo and I'm gonna put that all in my inner corner. It's very, very subtly brightening up my lid and inner corner of my eye. I used to do very, very bright inner corners, but now I feel like just for the wear of it, it looks better over time with more of a subtle look. The Sunset and the Dune actually have really pretty metallic shades. You could very easily just tap your finger in here and swipe that all over your lid. It would be very, very pretty. I've just kind of shied away from metallic shades here recently. Do what works for you, not anybody else… just you!

Okay, I'm gonna put on some eyeliner and some lashes, which is totally optional, but I'm feeling it right now obviously. So I'm gonna put some lashes on and some liner and then we'll come back and we'll do our lips.

So I put my liner and my lashes on. I do wanna highlight a little bit, which I do like to do here recently. And I feel like you can use eyeshadow to do that. So we do also have the Subtl Highlighters, but I also like to double time the eyeshadows for that. This is the Feelin’ First Class eyeshadow duo. I'm just gonna dip into the shimmer, the golden shimmer shade in here, and I'm just gonna put a little bit of that on my nose. So you can definitely use eyeshadow as highlight if you want. Doesn't have to just be specific highlighter. I'll put a little bit on the tops of my cheekbones too. 

Now moving on to our lips. So I have a little bit of lip balm down, so I'm just gonna line my lips really quickly. And then for my lip color, I'm gonna use the shade mauve again — the same color I was using as a lip and cheek shade. And I like to put my gloss down or my lip balm down first. And then put any sort of lip color on top of it. If you have like a really pigmented lip color, like Riveting Red, you could put that on top of a gloss or a lip balm and it will kind of diffuse that color for you a little bit if you're not like a bright, bright red type of gal. And then I'm just gonna put a little bit of gloss right on top, a little shimmer. 

If you're heading out to a party too, I would definitely say you're gonna make sure that you take that setting powder with you so that you have it all throughout the night for all your touchups and the little applicator pad that it comes with. I love those. Those are my favorite cause they're so small and they get in all the crevices. 

I hope that was helpful for you guys! If you need help with any other makeup tips, tricks, products to use, make sure you check out the Subtl Beauty YouTube page. Thank you guys so much for watching and hopefully I'll see you next time!

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