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Easy Winter Eyeshadow Tutorial Using The Wheels Up Set

Pauline is here today to show you how she styles our two new winter-inspired eyeshadow duos! These shades look gorgeous on all skin tones, especially in the cooler months. These versatile duos can be dressed up or down for all of your events this season!

Products Used:
Bon Voyage
Feelin First Class


New Eyeshadow Duos from Subtl

Today I'm excited to show you two new eyeshadow duos from Subtl launching this winter. We have the first one called Bon Voyage -- a travel-friendly brown eyeshadow set with a deeper matte brown and a lighter matte brown finish. We then have Feelin' First Class, which is one of the best neutral green eyeshadow for travel. This duo has a really cool, olive-y green matte shade, with a really beautiful gold shimmer to compliment the green.

Easy Eyeshadow tutorial creating two different makeup looks

So I'm gonna do a look with each. I'll do this side of my face with the Bon Voyage set and this side with Feelin' First Class. And we'll build a couple different eyeshadow looks that you can definitely wear this winter.

I'm gonna take our dual ended eyeshadow brush and start with that. Also to note I do have on a little bit of foundation, concealer, a little bit of cream bronzer, and blush.

How to apply the Bon Voyage Eyeshadow Duo

Let's use the Bon Voyage on my right side. This Eyeshadow duo is the best neutral eyeshadow for everyday wear. I'm gonna start out with the angled side of the brush, and I'm gonna mix these two together. This is my first time trying these. They almost have a cooler gray tint to them, which I really love. They're still browns, but they have that cooler brown instead of a warmer brown, which is so great for winter.

So as you can see, just a couple little dabs into that brush. And we have a really beautiful color already coming through. So what I'm gonna do now is just tap into that deeper side and just start to build out that outer corner. A quick eyeshadow tip I like to use is to use the natural angle of the dual-end eyeshadow brush to help get the eyeshadow where you want it. You want the point to be at the point of the corner of the eye, and I'm just pulling that deeper shade up and then down to make a little bit of a V and then anything excess, sweep it out.

How to apply the Feelin' First Class Eyeshadow Duo

Next, I'll switch to the Feelin' First Class duo and start with the matte shade. I'll apply this shade to the outer corner of my eye and blend it out. I think this shade will look great on all eye colors, especially green and blue eyes. I'll then use the gold shimmer shade on the flat part of my lid and blend it out to create a beautiful and bright look.

Using mascara and brows to complete the makeup look

Finally, I'll do my mascara and brows to complete the look. Both of these eyeshadow duos are perfect for winter travel and can be used to create a variety of looks.

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