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Aries Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Welcome to our Zodiac Makeup series with Pauline from Zilch Beauty, where we explore makeup looks inspired by each of the astrological signs! Today, we are celebrating Aries season, the first Zodiac sign, which actually says a lot about them. Aries are known for their boldness, passion, confidence, and determination, and we're going to create a fiery, strong-willed look to reflect their personality.

Products used: 
Cream Concealer
Shine Control Powder
Barely Peach Eyeshadow Duo
Latte Bronzer
Champagne Highlighter
Dusty Rose Lip & Cheek
4 Piece Brush Set



Hey everyone. Pauline here back with another installment of our Zodiac makeup series. We are currently winding down the month of March and we're heading into the month of April, which means it is Aries season. Now, if you don't know about Aries, they are the first sign in the Zodiac, which says a lot about them. They are confident, courageous, determined, enthusiastic, honest, passionate. They're coming out the gate hot. I think that's the first thing that I think of with Aries – they're bold. So I'm gonna create a look today that's on the bolder side and I'm gonna use some of my own makeup as well as some of Subtl's products to make this bold, fiery, strong-willed Aries look come together.

Foundation and Concealer

To start, let's apply our foundation and facial coverage. Once that's done, I'm going to use the Cream Concealer –– I'm in the shade Arlington –– to create a base for our eye makeup. I like to apply it around the inner eye corner, and slowly blend it out towards the edges and down around the nose. I'll also use a bit of the concealer on my eyelids as well to act as a primer.

Eye Makeup

Next, I'll set my concealer with the Shine Control Powder, using a pointed brush to apply it on the corners and edges of my eyes. This step helps prevent your under eyes from looking too dry and ensures your shadow will not get too sticky. Here, I use an eyeshadow palette that isn't from Subtl to create a warm, bold, fiery eye look. (Pssst... you can now create this look with Barely Peach!) Now that I've done that, it's time to use Subtl's Champagne Highlighter to add some sparkle to the middle of the halo eye I've created.

Face Makeup

I'm going to clean up the under-eyes, add some lashes and bold, fluffy brows, and move on to my face. I'm using Subtl's bronzer in shade Cool, though you can use any shade you prefer. I like to use the powder brush to pick up the product but flatten it a bit to create more of a contour line to define my features. Always buff your contour upwards to maintain a lifted effect! You can also use the same bronzer to define your nose. Last but not least, apply the Champagne highlight to the tip of your nose and the top of your cheeks.

Lips and Cheeks

For my lips and cheeks, we'll use Subtl's Dusty Rose. I suggest you warm it up with your finger, dab it onto your cheeks, and blend it out with a flat brush. You can swipe any excess around your hairline on top of the bronzer to help define that light contour. Finally, use the Dusty Rose on your lips to tie everything together. You can define the edges with the lip brush, which also adds a bit of shine. Finish things off by applying a little more Champagne Highlighter to the top of your cheeks.

And there you have it! A bold, edgy makeup look inspired by Aries. This look is bolder, but still perfect for day-to-day wear and easy to create at home with Subtl's products and tools. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to seeing you next month for our next Zodiac Makeup edition. Happy Aries season!

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