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    Best Beauty Gift Sets For Women 2021

    November 01, 2021 4 min read

    Buying gifts can be... overwhelming, to say the least.

    There are so many people to buy for it can be hard to come up with gift ideas and even harder to stay within budget.

    You want to give a really meaningful gift, one that your friend will genuinely love but that requires a ton of thought and when you have 10-15 people to buy gifts for, that task is almost impossible.

    The last thing you want to be known for is a terrible gift-giver. You want people to be excited to open their gifts from you!

    Luckily, we’ve got you covered. In this article we asked Michelle Cormier to weigh in on the best beauty gifts for 2021. Michelle has 25+ years of diverse experiences in the beauty industry from a Makeup Artist to a Director of Sales and Education for global household brands.

    By the end of this article, you'll have plenty of gift ideas and inspiration, making you the best gift-giver this holiday season! We'll cover –

    1. Unique Beauty Gift Ideas for Women Who Have it All
    2. Christmas Gifts for your Mom (from daughter)
    3. Beauty Gift Ideas For a Friend or Coworker
    4. Beauty Gift Sets for the makeup newbie

    the best unique gifts for women who have it all 2021

    Unique Beauty Gift Ideas for Women Who Have it All

    The biggest challenge we face for our friends (and family members) who have it all, is the concern that she may already have what you’re shopping for!! This is why Michelle recommends shopping with smaller, indie brands this holiday season.

    “We love to support a small brand! but holiday shopping with smaller brands will also increase your chances for your gift recipient to have not bought this gift for herself yet!"

    Here are some of our favorite Indie Beauty Brands to shop with -

    Cadence Get Outside Bundle - $42

    What it is:
    Magnetic & refillable container made from recycled ocean bound plastic. 

      Shop The Cadence Bundle 

    subtl beauty glam set gift

    Subtl Beauty Ready Set Glam - $59

    Subtl Beauty is the pioneer for stackable beauty products. While the stackable makeup concept is starting to make waves in Sephora, buying a stack from the OG of stackables will show the beauty lover in your life that you know a thing or two about this industry.

    What it is:
    This Stack includes a smokey eyeshadow duo, champagne highlight, red lip & cheek, and a 4-piece mini brush set.

    Shop Ready Set Glam 

    busy beauty gift set

    Busy Beauty Workout Essentials Set - $28.35

    If your gift recipient is a busy badass then this next gift would be perfect for her. The Busy Beauty wipes help keep you refreshed on-the-go.

    Shop the Busy Beauty Workout Set

    Gift Sets for mom from daughter 2021

    Christmas Gifts for your Mom (from daughter)

    When it comes to beauty products for aging skin, we recommend skipping powders and looking for cream products.

    “As we age, our skin becomes more dry, especially on the surface! When using a powder it can add to the dryness and settle into fine lines. A cream is more hydrating, a longer lasting pigment and will create a more natural look on mature skin, creating a beautiful, radiant healthy glow. And who doesn't want a healthy glow?" - Michelle

    ready set glow beauty gift set 2021

    Subtl Beauty Ready Set Glow - $32

    Show your mom some love this Holiday with our three-piece Glow Stack. Complete with Lip Balm, Lip & Cheek Tint, and a limited-edition Cream Highlighter Duo. The perfect trio of cream products for mom this holiday.

    Shop Ready Set Glow

    Beauty gift sets for friends and coworkers 2021

    Beauty Gift Ideas For a Friend or Coworker

    When it comes to coworkers and friends, it can be hard to know which beauty products they've loving right now and which ones they aren't. That's why it's safest to stay away from color cosmetics (especially complexion products like concealer and foundations!)

    Instead of those high-risk picks, we recommend going with something more ever-green and universally loved like eyeshadows.

    Subtl beauty holiday gift sets

    The Smokeshow Set - $62

    What it is:
    A stocking-ready Stackable Eyeshadow Palette: 

    • A four-piece set featuring just what you need to perfect any smokey eye.
      + 2x limited-edition Eyeshadow Duos:

      Smoke & Mirrors: Matte charcoal grey & shimmering silver
      Purple Haze: Matte plum & shimmering plum

      + A Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush
      + A Dry Brush Cleaner

    Shop the Smokeshow Set

    beauty gift sets for beginner makeup 2021

    Beauty Gift Sets for the makeup newbie

    If you have someone in your life who is looking to get into makeup, then the Holidays is the perfect time to gift them a starter kit of must-have makeup products. 

    "The Subtl Beauty Stacks are perfect for makeup newbies who are just starting to establish a beauty routine. The products in the Subtl Stacks are super easy to use and come with detailed instructions to help your loved one become an application expert!"

    Here are some great examples of Stacks to shop for –

    Not sure about the concealer shade? No problem! We have staff available on our chat that can help shade match from a picture.

    Ready Set Go Set

    The Go Set - $75

    What it is:
    A convenient set of makeup essentials to create an everyday look in just minutes wherever you are this season:

    1. 4-Piece Mini Brush Set
    2. Shine Control Powder
    3. Original Lip Balm
    4. Lip & Cheek in Mauve
    5. Concealer in your shade of choice

    Why we love it:
    This short stack of Shine Control Powder, Lip Balm, Lip & Cheek, and Concealer fits perfectly in your bag, so you can take it any place you like.

    The brushes pair perfectly with all of our products and are compact for on-the-go-moments. Lip & Cheek in Mauve provides a warm tint of color—even when it’s as cold as can be.

    Shop The Go Set


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