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Celebrate Galentine’s Day

leslie knope galentines day meme

Galentine’s Day is right around the corner, and just as Leslie Knope said, it’s only the best day of the year!

To help you celebrate Galentines Day in 2024, we put together a list of celebration ideas that our team has done in the past!

Galentine's Day Idea #1 Themed Potluck Dinner

Whether your theme is French cuisine, or women in power, a themed potluck is a fun twist on the typical dinner and drinks vibe. Making it potluck takes the pressure off of the host (Galentines Day is on a Tuesday night this year after all) and having a theme can inspire some really fun and interesting dishes!

Galentine's Day Idea #2 Gift Exchange

If your love language is giving and receiving gifts then the way you celebrate Galentines Day should be no different! We recommend keeping the gift small, we are still recovering from the holidays and I'm sure you are too! 

subtl beauty flavored lip balms as a gift idea for galentines day


In terms of gift ideas, we might be a little bias about this one, but fun flavored Lip Balm is such an easy, giftable item that is universally loved by all the gals in your life. Make sure you order a week or so in advance so that it arrives in time to wrap!

Galentine's Day Idea #3 Wine and Rewind

As we get older it can be really hard to make time for our gals, so for idea #3 we are keeping it simple and recommending you use February 13th as an excuse to catch up with your friends over a bottle of red. Did you also know that spending time with friends, can have a significant positive impact on mental health? Research has shown that strong social ties can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

For women, our female friendships are especially important; a study from Harvard Medical School found that women who have strong friendships are more likely to be happier, have increased levels of well-being, and have a lower risk of developing depression and anxiety!

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