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How to Kick Your Winter Blues

The winter blues are out in full force this season, and when you toss quarantine into the mix, life can feel a lot heavier (and definitely more boring). Although we may be staying home right now, getting in the habit of getting dolled up at least once a week (even if it’s just to Netflix and chill) has definitely been a game change and a mood booster! Check out these two fun looks I’ve done over the last couple of weeks to turn my Winter blues into fun, sassy moods!

Eye focused makeup for mask-wearing errands

Errands may be our only saving grace for getting out of the house sometimes, so make it count! Instead of letting mask-wearing wear you down, opt for a fun eye-focused makeup look to still give yourself the glam you deserve! To give your unmasked skin some glam, follow these tips to feel fab even while staying safe!

What I used: What you’ll do:
  1. Using your finger, apply concealer to your eyelids as a matte primer until fully blended.

  2. Using either your fingertip or an eyeshadow brush, apply bronzer to your eyelid and the outer edge of your bottom lash line to accentuate your eye shape.

  3. Using an eyeshadow brush, lightly dab your highlighter into the corners of your eyes (tear duct area), in the crease of your brow, and above the top of your cheekbone for a pop of shimmer and shine.

  4. Follow your lash line with your eyeliner. For a winged look, you can use a piece of tape to keep a straight, consistent line.

  5. Complete your look with mascara on both your top and bottom lashes and voila! 

Pro Tip: To add an extra “wow” factor to your eyes, add an extra pop of color and glimmer by applying your highlighter overtop of your eyeshadow!

Snowed in with Subtl

Turn your snow days into glam days. For those long days we’re stuck inside and snow is a hindrance for doing errands or getting out on the road, this is the perfect opportunity to play with makeup and get creative! During my time being snowed in this week, I opted for a fun, Springy look to boost my mood while cozying up in some base layers.

What I used: What you’ll do: 
  1. Apply either your foundation, or your darker shade of concealer for full face coverage (I opted to apply my darker shade of concealer to my under eye area and then apply foundation coverage to my whole face).

  2. Go back in through your under eye area and cheekbone line with your lighter shade of concealer to brighten your under eye area and contour your cheeks slightly.

  3. Apply the Dusty Rose Lip + Cheek to the balls of your cheeks and across your nose, blending in with the tips of your finger. You can go back in with a brush applicator to blend it in better for a natural, rosy look.

  4. Apply a small amount of bronzer to your temple area, blending in an upward motion to contour and accentuate your cheekbones.

  5. Apply the Lip + Cheek to your lips—applying multiple layers will help you achieve a brighter pop of color!

  6. Apply your concealer of choice to your eyelids for natural, matte coverage.

  7. Apply light mascara to your top lashes and the outer edge of your bottom lashes for a natural, longer lash look.

Pro Tip: For a subtle, natural lip look while staying indoors, apply a tiny bit of concealer to your lips before applying your lip cheek, or apply your Shine Control Powder afterward to create a more matte lip! 

Want more glam looks to kick your Winter blues? Check out these makeup tutorials for more sweater-weather looks!
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