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CONCEALER 101: 3 Ways To Use Subtl Beauty Concealer

Hello Beautiful! We're back with another 101 video showing you some of the basics of makeup application. We're focusing on how you can use your Subtl Beauty concealer to cover, contour, and highlight. Follow along with Niara as she shows you how to get a flawless face in minutes!


Products Used
Cream Concealer in Ellsworth
Cream Concealer in Hazelwood
Cream Concealer in Brighton
Cream Concealer in Etna



Hey guys! Today I'm gonna be showing you how I highlight, contour and everything else using my Subtl Beauty Concealer. I do have a little bit of primer and a tiny bit of a tinted moisturizer down as well.

1. Contour

This shade is called Ellsworth. This a super creamy, deep shade. I use this shade a lot to contour and I'm just gonna put that anywhere where I would usually be contouring. 
When I'm picking a shade to contour with, I usually like to go one to two shades darker depending on how drastic of a contour I want. Especially for when the seasons change. Like in the summer, I'm probably gonna need two shades darker and for the winter maybe just one shade. Keep that in mind as well. And then I'm also gonna put a little bit down the sides of my nose and underneath. I don't like a really heavy nose contour, but I do like to contour a little bit. 

2. Blend

I'm gonna go in with a shade that's closer to my skin tone. This is called Hazelwood. Actually... that's not really that close to my skin tone guys. I'm gonna go in with a shade Brighton.  This is more closer to my skin tone, not Hazelwood. I'm going to swirl my finger in here, get it nice and creamy. And then just go around the edges of where I placed that contour shade. This isn't necessary but I just like to do this  choosing a shade that's closer to my skin tone –– just to make sure that everything blends out nicely. So I'm going underneath where I placed that contour shade as well, just around all the edges of that contour shade. It's just gonna make it blend a lot easier. You won't have to do as much work.

3. Highlight

And then I'm gonna use Etna.  I'm gonna swirl my finger in there. If you have a little bit of setting spray and you wanna get these super creamy really fast, you can just spray the tops of them with some setting spray. And then I'm just gonna put anywhere I would apply it like traditional concealer. Yeah, this is a concealer... but how often have you seen concealer that comes in cute, little convenient packaging like this? 

When you're choosing a concealer shade, try to get one that's maybe one to two shades lighter. You want contour shades to be one to two shades darker and highlighter should be one to two shades lighter. And anywhere where you need to add some brightness is where I put this. I'm also gonna put this like right in the middle where I put that contour shade on my nose. It looks a little crazy right now - I know. But gotta get worse before you get better, right? 

I'm just gonna take a big beauty blender and I'm gonna blend it out. When I'm using creamy products like this, I like to make sure that my sponge is a little bit damp so that it helps everything blend really easily. 

And then whatever is on my beauty blender just goes on top of my eyelids. If you're like me  I have eyelids that are a little bit darker –– I like to go on top of my eyelids with whatever is left. I just feel like you can always tell when you skip that makeup up there. It's always a little bit noticeable.

And there you go! We have our full face on! We did our contour, highlight, sculpting, all of that with our Subtl Beauty Stack. Don't forget, if you haven't already, make sure you go check out my YouTube channel - Niara Alexis - and hopefully I will see you guys next time!

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