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    Get Unready With Pauline Zilch From Zilch Beauty

    September 02, 2022 1 min read

    Keeping your skin plump and hydrated at night helps give your makeup something to adhere to in the morning. That's why the importance of a healthy night time routine cannot be understated. 

    After a dinner out, Pauline from Zilch Beauty goes through her night time routine for you all! 

    First, to remove her makeup, she double cleanses with both an oil and gel cleanser!

    Then she uses a gentle AHA exfoliate. After that, she uses an eye moisturizer, then a thicker moisturizer (don't forget your décolletage).

    Finally, after using our Lip Balm, she uses a massage to destress for the day.

    What's your daily night time routine?

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