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How To Gift Makeup This Holiday 2023 Season

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How To Gift Makeup This Holiday 2023 Season

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The 2023 holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start gift shopping—or telling someone a subtl makeup stak is perfect for yourself (kudos to you if you’ve already begun!). Shopping for the perfect present is nothing short of a blast unless you’re like me and can never figure out what to get the people in your life. 

Gift cards? Pass, they aren’t unique. Bottle of high-end wine? While delicious, it’ll only last a night or two. The truth is, the usual gifts just don’t cut it sometimes, especially when your goal is to make a truly meaningful gesture with a present they can use for weeks or months to come. 

While makeup might not seem like the most giftable option, it is, especially for the beauty lovers that you know. After all, who wouldn’t want a brand-new makeup routine that they didn’t have to buy for themselves? And if you’re not one to wrap gifts, it makes a super usable stocking stuffer.

But before you go through the Subtl Beauty website looking for that ultra-perfect Stak for the Travelers, Moms, Professional Women on the Go, Makeup Newbies, and College Kids on your list, let us gift you with a few reasons why our Staks are a holiday present game-changer:

Makeup Sets Are The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Subtl Beauty Mindful Formulas 2023

When it comes to holiday shopping for others, a good starting point is thinking: “What do I use every day that’s made life easier and more enjoyable?” Did makeup come to mind? While it isn’t a common gifting go-to, makeup is often called "the gift that keeps on giving" for these reasons:

  • Longevity: High-quality makeup products can last for a while. A single eyeshadow and lipstick, for example, can be used for months, making it a practical and enduring gift.
  • Versatility: Makeup is versatile, allowing your giftee to create various looks and experiment with different styles. Plus, it’s a means of self-expression and creativity.
  • Updates and Trends: The makeup industry is continually evolving with new products, colors, and fun trends. This makes makeup an ever-changing and exciting gift option.
  • Beauty Ritual: Applying makeup can be a pleasurable and calming ritual for many; it's a way to pamper and take time for self-care, making it a gift that promotes well-being.

When it comes to Subtl Beauty – we take the whole “gift that keeps on giving” thing to the next level with our travel makeup kits (AKA Staks) that come with enough formula in each layer for two months of daily use. And for the avid Travelers in your life, our Staks are ultra-TSA-friendly

Comparing Makeup Staks To Standard Makeup

No matter who you give the gift of Subtl to, they’ll be able to continuously refill and add new layers to their Stak, which Busy Moms and College Kids love. All they have to do is pop out the pan, snap the bezel in place, and voilà – they’re ready to go on their merry way looking flawless

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Why You Shouldn't Gift Complexion Makeup Products This Holiday 2023

Gifting Subtl Beauty For Holiday 2023

If you plan to gift makeup to a loved one this year then we recommend opting out of complexion products and sticking with necessities like eyeshadows, lip balm, lipstick, and even brushes. After all, complexion products depend on the individual's skin tone, undertone, and preferences.

To side-step the whole complexion product debacle, we created some holiday gift sets that are perfect for Travelers, Moms, Professional Women on the Go, Makeup Newbies, and even College Kids. And they don’t include any complexion-based makeup, only universal products:

It’s important to note that if you know what complexion products your giftee prefers, you can grab some of our other Holiday Sets that – once you input your loved one’s concealer shade – are perfectly curated for them. They also include the Stak necessities and more:

SUBTL BEAUTY PROTIP: While we don’t recommend grabbing a Stak with complexion products for your loved one unless you know their preferred shades, we do offer free shade exchanges for our Cream Concealers if they aren’t a perfect match. Cool, right?

Lip Balms Are Universally Loved In Our Makeup Staks

Reviews For The best Holiday Makeup Gifts

If you’re a Busy Mom, College Student, or an avid Traveler then you probably know the power of having a good-quality lip balm in your purse. After all, the skin on the lips is super thin, making them more prone to dryness than other parts of the body, especially during fall and winter. 

The Subtl Beauty Lip Balm enhances the natural color of the lips and provides intense hydration thanks to its blend of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E. It bestows a soft pout all day long and doesn’t need to be frequently reapplied, saving your giftee plenty of time.

To give the gift of Lip Balm this holiday season, we’ve curated a Balm Trio Stak, which – you guessed it – comes with three of our ultra-nourishing Lip Balms in the flavors Strawberry Stopover, Mediterranean Mint, and Cherry Chåteau, along with the Stak necessities, making it perfect for Makeup Newbies or College Students.

Eyeshadow Duos Are Situational, Thus Ultra-Giftable Makeup Options

Subtl Makeup Staks Simplify Your Life

When it comes to eyeshadow, there’s a shade for everything. For example, you’ll likely opt for a smokey eye if you’re hitting up a nightclub in another country, while lighter, vibrant shades are perfect in the summer and spring, and for College Students all year round or for self-expression.

Needless to say, eyeshadow shades are situational, making them ultra-giftable. The Subtl Beauty Eyeshadow Duos come with two complimentary shades instead of one and have a velvety-smooth texture that’s both long-lasting and crease-proof for those On the Go Gals. 

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To give your giftee options, we’ve just launched our Eyeshadow Trio Stak, which has three Eyeshadow Duos in the shades Takeoff, Layover, and Staycation. It also comes with a convenient Dual End Brush made for Travelers, Moms, and so on, along with the Stak necessities. 

If you want to give your loved ones even more options, the Subtl Set Vol. 4 features three Eyeshadow Duos, along with our high-quality, durable Cosmetic Bag, the compact and versatile Travel Makeup Brush 4-Piece Set, a trio of Lip Balms, and our newly launched Dry Brush Cleaner. 

Subtl Beauty’s Customizable Makeup Sets Can Be Tailored Toward the Person You’re Gifting

A Holiday Makeup Gift That Is Approachable, Compact, Streamlined

Do you know a Traveler who’s always trying to find the best makeup travel kits for their next adventure? Maybe a Busy Mom needing a streamlined beauty routine to make mornings a little easier? Or a College Student Makeup Newbie who’s just trying to learn the ins and outs of cosmetics? Either way, Subtl Beauty was built for you, them, and everyone in between.

Give the gift of makeup this holiday season with our Premade Staks; they’re the perfect holiday makeup sets that’ll have everyone on your list thrilled with their convenience, pigment, multi-functionality, and more. Or you can click here to fully customize a Stak to meet your loved one’s aesthetic and makeup needs. We don’t blame you if you grab one for yourself, too!

Happy holidays and happy Staking, Subtl Beauties. 

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