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    Highlighter 101

    September 20, 2022 2 min read

    In this video, Niara shows you how to use your Subtl Highlighter to achieve a glowing look. Highlighter has become all the rage in the last few years, and for good reason. In this video, you'll learn where to apply the product, how to blend it, and more!


    Hi guys, my name is Niara, and today I'm gonna be showing you how I highlight with the Champagne and Rosé shades from Subtl Beauty. Got my stack here. I always keep my highlighter shades at the top cause I feel like it's close to the last steps for me. I use both of these shades. I'm probably gonna use Rosé a little bit more so on my cheeks because it'll blend in more with my rosy blush. Champagne I'll be using on my eyes.

    So, first, to start off, when you're applying highlighter, I typically find the best light to apply it in is natural light. We're obviously not in natural light today cuz it's super gloomy and rainy out. So there's really not that much light I could get from the outside. But if you're able to, definitely try to apply it in natural light because we'll just get a much better look. I have my eyes done, but I haven't really finished like the inner corner of my eyes. So I'm gonna be using a small little brush and I'm just gonna be placing that in my inner corners just to finish off my eyeshadow. Champagne is a bit more of a golden tone, so it goes with my eyeshadow look I'm doing today. Actually I think I'm gonna mix rose and champagne together.

    Next, I like to apply my highlighter at the highest point of my cheek. So my cheekbones up here. I don't apply it down here on the apples of my cheeks. I just don't like that look for me personally. And then I just kind of drag it up to the very highest point. I usually start right here and then I just might drag it down a little, but mostly keep it up here whenever I apply my highlighter. I always go back with a damp beauty blender just to make sure it's all blended in and that everything is like blending together nicely.

    I'm also going to do it down the bridge of my nose and highlight a lot on the tip of my nose. I call this the Rudolph look cause you're kind of just like beaming from your nose. And then some on the chin and a tiny, tiny bit on your forehead. And just maybe like a little bit on the side of your nose, just because like, if you turn, catch an angle, you wanna get the highlight. I'll go in with my sponge again, just to make sure nothing is harsh.

    So that is how I'm highlighting these days. Thank you guys so much for watching and hopefully I will see you next time!

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