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Travel Makeup Palette: What To Bring When You Travel

Travel Makeup Palette: What To Bring When You Travel

2022 brought many things back into our lives that we’d long forgotten about — including the work trip. Love it or hate it, any airport on a Monday morning will be filled with well-dressed men and women jetting off to the other side of the country or across the globe for conventions, retreats, and annual meetings. 

Often, this type of travel isn't as highly anticipated as the two weeks of leisure time you booked in the Caribbean, and neither is the packing aspect. Wouldn't it be nice if your whole routine was compiled into one singular travel makeup palette you could grab and toss into your bag within seconds? Of course, a simple travel palette like that would be useful for leisure travel, too. 

When we created our groundbreaking Makeup Stacks, we wanted to turn this long sought-after fantasy into a reality — so let’s chat about what a travel makeup palette should do for you.

Travel Makeup Should Be Quick and Easy

Even though it’s useful all the time, makeup you can easily grab and apply quickly is particularly important if you're a business traveler. When you arrive at your destination, you don't always get the luxury of going to your hotel to nap, shower, and do a full face of makeup. To be honest, that's actually a rare occurrence. 

If you’re flying out early in the morning, you often don't even get to unpack your bags, especially since most hotel check-in times aren't usually until later in the afternoon. You could bring your luggage with you to the office, but the majority of the time, you'll drop it off with your hotel's front desk staff and part ways with it for a few hours. 

Maybe you're arriving the evening before and are attending a company dinner or happy hour event. Even if you can take your belongings upstairs to unpack and refresh, there isn't always a lot of time to reapply or update your look.

In these cases, your makeup needs to be portable and travel-friendly. Big, bulky makeup cases filled to the brim just won't do. Your makeup should be easy to tuck away in your carry-on bag so that you can touch up your look or even do a full face while you're traveling and making power moves. You should be able to confidently apply your makeup in the back of an Uber without fear of making a mess in the car (or on your face). 

What’s the solution? Our Makeup Stack has a sleek, cylindrical design with everything you need to bring your bare face to life in a matter of minutes. Both simple beauties and multi-step goddesses can use the Makeup Stack to implement a daily beauty practice into both the quiet, normal days and the exciting days when they’re waking up in a different time zone.

The Problem With Allegedly Travel-Sized Palettes

If you were to hop online and search for a "travel makeup palette," you’d come across millions of results. Most consist of a few basic eyeshadow options, some blush or bronzer, and maybe a cream lipstick. This might be a great way to include a few steps of your routine in one compact, but it doesn't exactly account for everything you actually need.

Neutral eyeshadows are an awesome way to bring a look together, and cream lipstick or Lip Balm are other convenient options to have. But what about the foundation of your look? 

You wouldn't leave your house and head to work in only eyeshadow and lipstick without putting on your makeup base. And you definitely wouldn't do it while traveling, whether you were staying in your home country or heading overseas. In the end, you'd still end up bringing all your regular products with you, but now you've also managed to add an extra bulky, won't-use palette to your bag.

Plus, a lot of these palettes are only geared toward one skin tone. The typical blush you might see in one of these palettes is an even-keeled shade of millennial pink. However, these hues often barely show up on medium skin tones and almost never show up on deeper skin tones. What you really need is a travel palette that will save you space and cater to your specific skin tone so you know you’ll actually use the product. 

Bring Makeup That Actually Makes Sense

Whether you're going for work or leisure, traveling can be stressful at times. Just the thought of all the preparation going into it can be exhausting. There’s a lot to think about and do before heading out of town.

You have to confirm your accommodation reservations and make sure you can get there with reliable transportation. If you're traveling to another country, you have to worry about your passport and any needed foreign currency. You also have to finish up stuff at work and do a myriad of things to prep your house for your departure.

And that doesn't even include all the packing you'll have to do to be prepared for different events or weather changes that may happen on your trip. When it comes to makeup, this can take you quite a bit of time and take up a lot of space in your bag. No one wants to show up for an event, whether for work or leisure, looking less than fabulous.

With our Subtl Beauty Makeup Stacks, you can take away some of the stress of preparing for your trip by knowing all your makeup needs are covered. Plus, our stacks are truly compact, so they help save space in your luggage.

You can avoid a last-minute dilemma of choosing whether your bags will be overweight and unorganized or whether you’ll end up leaving some vital items behind. Make an investment in your mental health while traveling with a Subtl Beauty Makeup Stack — because you won’t even have to think about what makeup to pack. 

The Holy Grail of Travel Makeup

Our Makeup Stack was designed to be everyone's grab-and-go miracle item. Sure, you might want to bring along an eyeliner or mascara to amplify your looks, but everything you truly need for your base is easily accessible within one component. 

Our Tones collection is a perfect trio of essentials to help you conceal imperfections, bronze your cheekbones, and add a simple pop of color to round it all out. The Starter Stack also consists of a Highlighter to make sure you glow and Shine Control Pressed Powder to keep oiliness under control.

The best part about it all? Every component is available à la carte, so you can build the stack that’s perfect for you

Do you live for a glowy look year-round? Grab two highlighter shades instead of one. Want a more dramatic eye look? Our Eyeshadow Duos will bring the glam touch your peepers need. The options truly give you the power to choose what you need to match your lifestyle and make your life easier.

An In Transit Makeup Routine

If you’re really embodying the on-the-go lifestyleroute, make sure your Makeup Stack is easily accessible in your purse or personal (under the seat) bag. 

Here's a simple makeup routine you can do on a flight, on a train, or in the car.

Start by sanitizing your hands, because traveling can get a little dirty. Next, use a micellar water wipe to remove any invisible impurities which may have built up on your face throughout your journey. Then, apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

Start by using the Cream Concealer to hide blemishes, red patches, dark undereye circles, or any other spots that may need a little extra help. You can gently dab it on with your fingertips to help the product melt into your skin for the most natural finish possible. 

Using Lip and Cheek, apply a dab of color to the apples of your cheeks and then to your lips. Your cheek pigment can be as vibrant or toned down as you wish since the product is buildable and easy to layer. 

Next, pull out your Stack Brush BFF (a free one is included with every purchase) and dust translucent Shine Control Pressed Powder across your face to absorb extra oil and set any cream or liquid products you already applied. 

You can then go in with any other powder products you may have in your Stack. After using your Bronzer, Highlighter, and Eyeshadow Duo to complete your look and addin a light coat of mascara, you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride. 

Travel With Subtl Beauty

Whether you’re heading one city over, taking a long road trip, or embarking on a transatlantic flight, your travel makeup palette should be easy to use and packaged intelligently — and it should meet the needs of all skin tones. 

Get your travel-defining makeup kit at Subtl Beauty today. You can even take our Makeup Beauty Stack Quiz to discover your own personalized dream Stack.



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