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how to achieve flawless skin using only concealer

mastering concealer for a minimalist makeup look

hello, everyone! it's keira, and welcome back to the subtl channel. today, we're diving into the world of concealer. why? because concealer can be a game-changer in your minimalist makeup routine. whether you're new to subtl or a long-time fan, this is a must-watch video to make the most of your concealer.

all things cream concealer

we often receive questions about how to best apply the new concealer formulation. additionally, many of you have noticed that subtl doesn't offer a foundation. here's the secret: subtl's concealer can double as a light foundation on those casual, laid-back days. it spreads effortlessly and lasts all day. plus, it's perfect for spot concealing and covering up those tricky areas without the need for a full-on foundation. so let's dive in!

finding the right shade

using the right concealer shade is essential, especially as the seasons change. i've been using 003N, which is slightly lighter than my usual shade since i'm less tan heading into fall. if you need help finding your shade, try our handy quiz!

remember, warming up the concealer is key to achieving a smooth application. another pro tip––if your pan is moving around, push the bezel down extra tight, and you'll be all set.


for applying concealer, your fingers are often your best tool. using your ring finger, which is gentlest on the skin, start by applying concealer under the eyes. you can either tap it gently or smooth it out—either way, notice how beautifully it blends into the skin, blurring imperfections effortlessly.

i like to create a triangle shape under my eyes, extending slightly down the sides of my nose. this technique helps brighten the eyes. don't forget to apply concealer to any red or dark spots. a mix of blending and patting works wonders.

if you have breakouts to conceal, it's a breeze. again, warm up the concealer, apply it to the spot, and blend or pat it in. patting works well on oilier spots as it prevents smudging and ensures longer wear.

concealer as foundation

you can almost use this concealer as a full foundation. however, getting the right shade match is crucial. when I'm using it all over, I tend to reach for one shade darker: 004N. having two different shades on hand, especially for different seasons, is a great idea.

hydration matters

don't forget your skincare routine! ensure your skin is well-hydrated by applying moisturizer and sunscreen. well-moisturized skin makes concealer application smoother and prevents it from looking cakey. staying hydrated and getting enough rest also contribute to healthier-looking skin.

minimalist perfection

now, here's the beauty of it all. with just a couple of subtl products and your fingers (or a mini brush if you prefer), you can create a minimalist base that's perfect for those rushed mornings or casual days. a hydrated base and a touch of concealer can work wonders.

just remember to be gentle when applying concealer, as you don't want to tug on your skin. so, whether you have just a minute or two to spare or you're aiming for that minimalist look, a little concealer can go a long way!

stay tuned for the next video, where i'll complete this minimalist look with just three products: concealer, lip and cheek, and bronzer. subscribe, so you don't miss it! thanks for tuning in, everyone! bye for now.

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