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How to Apply Subtl Beauty Bronzer


We launched a new Bronzer Collection and Pauline is back on the channel to share her best tips on how to apply bronzer! These bronzers are available in five sun-kissed shades and blend effortlessly into the skin for a flawless matte finish. The formula features antioxidant-rich ingredients, like Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Green Tea Extract, and Pine Bark, that combine to naturally protect the skin against environmental stress.

Products used:
Latte Bronzer 
Chai Bronzer 
Mocha Bronzer
Cocoa Bronzer
Espresso Bronzer
Stack Brush BFF


Hey everyone! it's Pauline from Zilch Beauty and I'm super excited today to be sharing with you Subtls brand new Bronzer Shades. If you've been a customer of Subtl Beauty, you know that they previously had two different shades— one and cool and one and warm, but they recently just expanded their shade range to give more versatility to customers who are looking for different types of tones in their bronzer. So today I'm gonna swatch all these for you on a skin tone like mine. I'm gonna show you some quick and easy tips on how to properly apply a bronzer. And everywhere else you can apply it other than your face.

Swatching the Concealers

First off — I  love the fact that these have the most adorable names. 

I'll start with the darkest shade first, which is called  Espresso. You have this deeper brown shade. Which you know you could use as a bronzer.  But then you could also use it almost like eyeshadow or some sort of contour. 

The deepest shade is called  Cocoa. And I will swatch with another finger here. You can see that this one is a little bit warmer. And this one's a little bit cooler, which is a nice option for deeper skin tones who want some versatility. 

Then we have the shade  Mocha. This is the middle shade. This gives a more orangey tone bronzer.

Then we have the shade Latte. This is a  little less red version of Mocha. This one has definitely like some red undertone there. 

And then the last shade is called  Chai. This one is really nice because it will be a perfect bronzer for fair people.  This also has the ability to be a transition shade for your eyes.

Personally for me —  I've been playing around with  Chai and  Latte a lot. I've been also using the Subtl Beauty new summer retractable brush to apply the concealers.

Using Bronzer for your Face

I'm just gonna show you basic bronzer application tips.  

I'm gonna go ahead and start out with a little bit of  Latte, and a little bit of Chai. I do like to dust an initial product onto my arm or hand just to make sure it's not too pigmented

For bronzer application, you wanna find the U or V or L, whatever it is on your face where your hairline kind of dips and points out here. You want to start at the top of that — find that line, and then you want to stamp your bronzer about halfway down the face so that it ends right at the middle of your eye.

I'm looking at my mirror up here. So I'm stamping, stamping, and stamping. 

And right around here I want it to stop. I don't want it to come in too far, but what I would always say is to brush and buff your bronzer upward because it typically lifts the face. 

It is contouring that natural shadow that we all have. And the more you put the direction upward, the more it lifts the face.

Then, I just like to bring any leftovers into my hairline on that side. You can also pull your bronzer back down on your jaw, behind the ear a little bit, and down the neck.

I always forget my own neck sometimes. So it's a good reminder.

If you can’t remember these tricks, you can also do the “3 (Three) Trick”. You just make the number 3 (three) on your face.  And you already have some bronzer!  I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side.

What I love about this brush is that you can make it either super fine or condensed. If you really wanna focus that bronzer on a specific area. You can make it super fluffy to really blend out nicely. 

You can also bring a little bit of bronzer on the sides of your nose. This is when I will shrink the brush and just make it much more defined. And just like that — you're giving some contour to the nose area

Using Bronzer on your Eyes

You can bring the bronzer up into your eyebrow.  I do have some eyeshadow on already, but you can throw a little bit up in your crease. Obviously — you can use an eyeshadow brush for this.  I like that you can make this brush of anything you want. 

Using Bronzer on your Collar Bones

You can pop some bronzer on the divot in your collarbone to give some shadow effect there.

If you have an open-chested top, dabbing some bronzer gives a little bit of definition to the collarbone. 

Ending and Recap

Those are my tips to apply these bronzers. I love that they expanded the shade range. I really think that you are going to love them. They're pigmented, but they're not too pigmented. It really is just nice that you can mix and match some of these as well. Definitely go and check out Subtl Beauty’s new bronzer shades. Let us know what you think. Bye, everyone!

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