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How to Create your own Custom Lip + Cheek Color

What if we told you that you could mix and match your lip and cheek shades to create the perfect color? Well, it's true! In this video, we show you how to determine your ideal shade, and how to best mix the colors together for an even look.

Products used:

Perfectly Pink Lip and Cheek
Dusty Rose Lip and Cheek
Mauve Lip and Cheek
Riveting Red Lip and Cheek
Plum Lip and Cheek


Hey there, Pauline here from Zilch Beauty, again, certified makeup artist. And we're back with another Subtl Beauty tutorial today and this is one of my favorite things to do with Subtl's beauty stacks. If you haven't heard of their stacks before, they come adjustable and they all stack on top of each other. But one of my all-time hero products for both my kit and my own makeup routine are their lip and cheek shades. And Subtl has five of those different shades. And today I'm gonna show you how you can mix and match these shades to find the perfect shade for you, whether it be for your lip or your cheek, and how to make sure that these colors can complement each other for whatever look that you're putting together.

Okay, so my first trick is to find the right shade that matches you specifically for your lip or your blush. You're going to want to, this is a little weird, but pull down your bottom lip and you see that color sitting on the inside? That's the color you're gonna wanna try to match. That's gonna be your most natural color, depending on your skin complexion and skin tone. So for me personally, my most natural shade is somewhere between both Mauve and Perfectly Pink. So what I'll tend to do is actually I will start out with Mauve as my base both on lip and cheek, and then I'll add Perfectly Pink on top and it's just gonna be the most natural flesh-toned color for your skin.

Now the reason this technique works is because you are going off of a shade of color that your body is naturally producing and it's gonna blend in with the way that the rest of your skin reacts to any sort of heat, any sort of sun exposure, anything that would make a little bit of redness come out of your skin tone. We all have a natural color that appears, so that's the best trick that I have to find your most natural shade.

Now next, if you wanna amp this up a little bit (you know, this is obviously a really natural blush and lip combo) you're gonna wanna take note of whether your skin has warmer tones or cooler tones. So the way that you find that is just by holding down the vein area on your wrist. You're gonna wanna take a thumb or pointer finger and really press into the skin here for about 10 seconds. When you let go, you can't totally see it on my camera, but you're gonna see a little bit of an imprint there. And it's either going to tend to be a little bit more on the blue or greener side of things, or it's gonna be on a more like yellowy pinky side of things. If you are on the greener, bluer side of things, you are likely somebody who has a cool undertone. If you are on the yellower pinky side of things, you likely have a warm undertone.

So based on that, you're gonna be able to top off with some of their shades. Personally, I have a neutral to warm undertone. For anyone who has a warmer undertone, I would suggest definitely dipping into the Dusty Rose shade. This has a bit of a more orangey base to it, which is gonna really complement those warm undertones. Whereas if you have a cooler undertone, I think that the red, the Riveting Red as well as the Plum would be awesome additional colors for you to use from the Subtl collection.

So for me, I love to use Dusty Rose also on my cheeks. I have a few shades going on here, but you know what, because I love to mix and match, I'm gonna throw a little bit of the Riveting Red right on top of my lips. Personally, I think the Dusty Rose with the Riveting Red looks so pretty. But that's just an example of how you can mix and match Subtl shades.

Again, go for a combo that matches that inner lip shade, but then figure out if you are warm or cool and then you can mix and match from there. So hopefully you learn something new and definitely go get out there and try Subtl's Lip and Cheek shades. I promise you're going to love them. Bye everyone!

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