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Self Care Tips for your Body and Mind

At Subtl Beauty, we’re all about authenticity and celebrating your natural beauty, inside and out, which also means celebrating and taking care of your mental health, too. With so much stress and chaos baked into the last few years on top of regular, day-to-day stresses, self-care is very important, especially when it comes to de-stressing your brain and finding things that ease anxiety, stress, and tension when life seems to take a toll on you.

That's why each of our Subtl ladies have shared some personal, effective tips and best practices that have helped each of us to feel healthy, recharged, and most of all, give our bodies (and brains!) what they need!

Stepping away from the screen with Rachel

It’s easy to get sucked into your work day—we’ve all had those days (or weeks) where we ended up working through our lunch break or past work hours... where does the time go?! Although productivity is great, it’s still very important to carve out time throughout each day to step away from the work screen and take some time for yourself... just ask our BA boss, Rachel!

“Schedule an hour out of each day to eat lunch away from your desk and take a walk, preferably outdoors!”

Sweat it out with Nikki 

With the shift to remote-first life, we aren’t always moving our bodies as much as we’d like to (or should be), either! Whether you’re feeling anxious or restless, exercise is a great way to release those pent up feelings and energy in a healthy manner... take it from Nikki!

“I tend to feel restless easily, so putting my energy and stress into something productive like exercising and meditation helps a lot! For days I need to tone it down a notch, I stick with yoga or a walk to get some fresh air. On the days I have pent up energy and frustration, I take on a virtual pilates class from home—it’s a great way to relieve stress, take care of my body, and I always feel better afterwards! I try to always carve out a few minutes to meditate after any physical activity to maintain a good mindset and find some inner peace to tackle the rest of my day.” 

Cooking with Lex 

Being a multitasker can be a curse when it comes to overwhelming yourself with too much to do. Turn that gift of yours into a positive by creating something that’s both therapeutic for your mind, completes a task for the day, and nurtures your body! Cooking is a great way to clear your thoughts, create something new... and what better reward is there than getting to eat food or share your talent with others?! Just ask our chef-in-the-making, Lex!

“Cooking and baking have always been hobbies for me, but I’ve really dialed it up over the past year. All of the thoughts and stresses bouncing around in my head just clear out! I have family close by to share and prepare meals for too, and I’ve also mailed out some sweet care packages!”


Make something with Annie

Anyone else feel like when you’re stressed, you need to do something with your hands? You’re not alone. It’s easy to feel like every minute of free time should be spent doing something wildly productive, but sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take care of yourself! Instead of cramming more work or tasks into your day, try a hobby that requires working with your hands to feel busy, while winding down for an hour or two... Annie attests to this tip, and we think it’s a great one!

“One of the biggest sources of my day-to-day stress is the feeling of constantly needing to be doing something productive, even after my work day has ended... it can definitely lead to burnout. I decided to try out a new hobby that didn’t require intense focus or concentration at the end of the day... so I took on macramé! It keeps my hands busy while letting me spend some much needed time with myself and my thoughts... plus you end up with some really neat gifts or decor!”

Want more self-care tips? Here are some great ways to unplug and unwind during stressful times! 

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