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How to Do Your Makeup FAST! - 5 Minute Everyday Makeup Routine

Join us for this everyday, 5 minute makeup routine with 4 life changing tips to help speed up your makeup routine every morning!


1. Streamlining Your Makeup Routine: Quick Tips for Busy Days

Welcome back to the Subtl YouTube channel. I'm Kiera, and today I'll take you through my super quick makeup routine and share some of my best tips for faster makeup application. As a new mom, I was shocked by how little time I had for everything, including getting ready. Previously, I would leisurely prepare in the morning while listening to a podcast. Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury anymore. However, I've discovered several effective tips and tricks that helped me reduce my makeup time while still looking put together.

2. Five-Minute Makeup: Efficient and Effective

Honestly, most of the time, this routine only takes me five minutes. So, let's dive in. First, I'll start with the Arlington concealer, which leads me to my first tip: identify skippable products. For me, that means skipping mascara since I have lash extensions, . So, I don't need mascara anymore. Some people love the natural makeup look without mascara or lash extensions, and they might also skip foundation. I have multiple makeup routines, but my everyday quick and easy one doesn't involve foundation. Instead, I use our concealer, which is super easy to apply, smooth, and spreadable. Essentially, I found a way to avoid using foundation on a daily basis. It might be challenging initially, especially if you're used to heavy coverage products. However, once you adapt to it, it's not a big deal.

3. Concealer as Pseudo Foundation: Embracing Minimalism

Your skin doesn't have to look flawlessly perfect every single day. Concealer can actually cover up a lot, and it's a much quicker option. Moreover, it's better for your skin. Personally, I have acne-prone skin, so spot treating with concealer allows my skin to breathe. Subtl Beauty's products are non-comedogenic and won't clog your pores, which my aesthetician confirmed after I consulted her. So, if you also have acne-prone skin, I highly recommend these products. I'll also use the concealer to cover up any redness. Currently, I'm experiencing a bit of an outbreak, so I'll just smooth and tap it on my chin. There, my concealer is done. As you can see, you really don't need foundation, especially for an everyday, more casual makeup look. The concealer can double as a pseudo foundation as well.

4. Compact Makeup: Simplify Your Collection

Moving on to Lip and Cheek in Mauve, my next tip is to skip the huge palettes and use compact makeup instead. Whether or not you're using a Subtl stack, I highly recommend avoiding the massive eyeshadow palettes. They take up too much space and can be overwhelming. To be honest, for everyday eyeshadow, you don't even need an extensive eyeshadow palette, which I'll discuss in a moment when I show you how I do my eyeshadow. Simplify your makeup collection by opting for products with fewer options, and save the large palettes for experimentation or special occasions like date nights. When it comes to everyday makeup, go for more compact products to avoid dealing with the bulkiness of large palettes, especially when traveling. Stackable products are a bonus as they're even more convenient.

5. Multipurpose Makeup: Embrace Versatility

This brings me to my third tip, which is to use products for multiple purposes. We have the Lip and Cheek product, which not only saves time but also creates a cohesive look by using the same colors on both the cheeks and the lips. This approach makes you appear super pretty and put-together without the need to figure out which colors from a huge palette go well together. The versatility of makeup products allows you to use them for multiple purposes. Another favorite hack of mine is using bronzer and highlighter for various tasks as well. First, I'll use the bronzer for its intended purpose. Let me go ahead and do that. And just to let you know, I'm using Chai here.

6. Easy Eyeshadow: The Bronzer Trick

After applying bronzer to my face, I use the same product as eyeshadow. I prefer using the dual-ended brush from the four-piece brush set. I dip the brush into the bronzer and apply it to my eyelids. This has become my everyday go-to look because it's such a pretty color and suits everyone. If the bronzer works for your face, it'll work perfectly for your eyelids too. It's practically foolproof. The eyeshadow doesn't look heavy, but it makes a noticeable difference, believe me. I blend it out with the other side of the brush. I might have a little color remaining on the brush from another palette, but that's not an issue. And there you have it! As I mentioned before, it looks great without being too obvious.

7. Highlighter Hacks: Versatility for a Natural Glow

Continuing with the theme of using the same shades in multiple areas of your face, it creates a more natural and attractive look. Now, let's talk about the highlighter, another product I adore for its versatility. I'll use our dry brush cleaner to remove any remaining bronzy color, making way for the highlighter. These cleaners tend to sell out quickly, so if you can find one, grab it; it speeds up your makeup routine too. That wasn't even one of my official tips, but it's a valuable one. I'll apply the highlighter right here, and it instantly adds a lovely touch. It's a super quick and easy step. Then, I'll use it on the tip of my nose and on the inner corners as well. Okay, let me take a moment to do my brows.

8. Time-Saving Order: Establish a Fixed Routine

I'm using this benefit brow micro-filling pen, but I don't love it. So, if any of you have recommendations for brow products, I'm all ears. I've tried using brown eyeshadow, but the shade isn't quite right for me. So, I'm still on the lookout for a brow product that I truly love. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I like applying bronzer underneath my eyes instead of using eyeliner. It helps bring everything together and creates a more natural look. Now, my last tip for speeding up your morning makeup routine is to establish a fixed order for applying your makeup, following the same sequence every day. Let me apply some shine control powder to the shiny areas to reduce the shine. By the way, it's scorching hot where I am.

9. Final Look: Five Minutes for Casual Glam

This helps prevent it from sweating off my face. Basically, I have a specific order for my makeup routine. When I use the stack, it's super helpful because I arrange it in the order I'll be using the products. In the past, with a big makeup bag and various products, it felt like a free-for-all. I'd struggle to decide which blush or colors to use. Now, using the stack eliminates that decision fatigue. I know exactly what to do and the order to follow. And that's the final look. I mainly used the starter stack, our five-piece starter set, but remember, you can customize your own settle stack. If you have any other time-saving tips, feel free to share them in the comments. I'm always looking for ways to streamline my routine. So, not bad for just five minutes of makeup for casual days at home, running errands, or work. I'll make sure to tag all the products I used below. Don't forget to subscribe and leave any questions you have in the comments. Bye, guys!
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