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Latte Makeup Look - on fair skin!

We are LOVING this "latte makeup" TikTok trend. Perfect for summer- get a bronzy 90's supermodel glow with this latte makeup tutorial from Keira! Let us know down below if you'll be trying this - and leave requests for future trendy makeup looks!


Achieving a Radiant Base: Mixing Super Goop Glow Screen with Tinted Mineral Foundation

I started with a sunscreen base using the Super Goop Glow Screen mixed with a tinted mineral foundation. This combination gives a nice sticky, glowy base. Next, I'll apply the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation in the shade Deauville. Since I'm aiming for a super bronzy look. I'll also add concealer to act as a bronzy contour underneath the foundation.

Under Painting Technique: Creating a Minimal, Natural Approach

This technique is called "Under Painting." Take a look into it; it's a fantastic, minimal, natural approach. I'll start with Aetna as the bronzing base, and you'll want to apply a good amount since it goes underneath your foundation. Bronze up the edges of the face and the nose a bit. Perfect! Now, I'll blend it with this beauty blender. It might look messy and crazy, but don't worry; it'll look much better once I apply the foundation. Using a cream bronzing or contour product ensures it stays on better. I might add a little bit on top too; I really like this technique. Okay, it looks intense now, but it will be toned down once I apply the foundation. For that, I'll use the NARS Light-Reflecting Foundation in Deauville.

Using Aetna as the Bronzing Base: The Secret to a Sun-Kissed Glow

I probably need to get a shade darker for summer and mix them together, but for now, we'll work with what we have and add bronze on top when needed. This foundation is super lightweight, so I just tap it on. It covers a lot of the bronzing, but some still peeks through, especially for a more natural look. I prefer leaving my nose uncovered because I have freckles, and when I cover it, it looks unnatural and makes me appear like a white sheet. So I leave it as it is, and it works pretty well. Foundation looks good. Now, I'll go back with the concealer in Aetna because it really covered a lot.

The Perfect Blend: Applying Cream Bronzer for Long-Lasting Results

I always forget that you need more than you think. So I'll add some back in. I've been liking using this concealer in place of bronzer or alongside it. It has a pretty color and works perfectly for the latte makeup trend. I'll lightly top that off. Now, I'll go in with my regular concealer in the shade Arlington to cover up my under eyes. This concealer offers so many possibilities. In my last video, which you can find right here, I discussed various ways to use our concealer. Check it out! As you know, we don't have a foundation, but I did use one today. However, if you want a lighter or quicker makeup look, our concealer works great as a pseudo foundation due to its lightweight and spreadable nature.

Eyebrows: Creating a Natural Base for Eyeshadow Application

I love that aspect of it. Perhaps a bit on the eyelids. First, I'll do my eyebrows as a base to even out the face before applying my eyeshadow. It helps with the overall look. I'm using this benefit brow pencil. I do need to pluck my eyebrows, but bushy brows are in, right? I don't want them to be too intense, just natural. Now, let's move on to the eyeshadow. I'm really excited about this part, and I'll start by using Dune, our brown duo. I absolutely love it, and it works great as an eyeliner too, so I'll use it for that as well. I'll also play around with Nectar, which is this beautiful bronzy honey color. As for brushes, I'll use this dual-ended brush and this tiny one.

Embracing the Eyeshadow: Playing Around with Dune and Nectar

This is perfect for eyeliner or if you don't have an eyebrow pencil, you can use this too. They are part of our four-piece brush set, which I absolutely love. There are a few different ways we could go about this, but I'll start by using the brown color in Dune as an eyeliner and then smudge it out from there. The pigment is super strong, making it great for eyeshadow, and it stays put all day. I'll focus mainly on the corner here, and don't worry about being too precise since we'll blend it out later. It's like creating a winged-liner situation. Oh my gosh, that's a lot. Okay, I'm trusting the process. I'm a bit nervous, but we'll blend it out now.

The Art of Blending: Mastering the Eyeshadow Application Technique

It's fine. Okay, let's use this brush to blend it up and out. It's blending out nicely. I would be better at blending this if I didn't have my lashes, but that's okay. It actually looks like it's off to a really good start. This is what I love about eyeshadows. Many of Subtl's products are amazing, but the eyeshadows are particularly great because they're highly pigmented yet blend out smoothly, which is hard to find. Now, let's do the same on the other side to match. I'm just obsessed with this color. It looks so good. And now, we'll blend it out. Blending, blending, blending. Going in little circles, up and out. Again, if I didn't have lashes, this would be easier, but I have to go slow to avoid messing them up.

I'm gonna add just a little bit more color to the very corners. You know, I don't think I've ever found a brown eyeshadow that was this easy to work with. Next, because of the whole Latte trend, I kinda see it as this, like, brown golden swirl to caramelly look. So, I'm going to go ahead and use this color and just kind of put it in the crease, starting right here. Oh my gosh, I'm really excited for this! I'm kinda stopping here and going up and out. I don't know about you guys, but, like, if I have somewhere really fun to go, I love just setting aside an hour, you know, setting up in front of the mirror, like I'm back in high school, with a good podcast and just playing around with makeup. It's so much fun to me. There's honestly nothing more fun than being able to play around with an eyeshadow look when you have a lot of time and somewhere fun to go.

Enhancing the Eyes: Adding a Pop of Shimmer and Definition

I think we need to add like more brown just because this whole latte look is like very brown and dark. So I'm gonna add some more here just in kind of the corner, blending it up a little bit. I think I need like a big fluffy brush to kind of blend it all together. So I'm gonna actually use this one from the four piece brush set. I know that sounds crazy, but I think it works. Now that we have kind of the main colors, I'm debating which shimmer to use, I think I'm gonna use this one that's more of like a honey golden color with shimmer, you always wanna tap it off so that it doesn't fall all over your face. I probably should have done this first to be honest. Ooh, that's super pretty. I feel like this looks a lot lighter on camera than it is in person. I'm gonna go back in and add just a little bit more of the dark brown liner and then I'm gonna go ahead and add it underneath my eye too.

Obviously, that's barely intense, so I'm gonna blend this out as well. I'll use my finger to smudge it a little. Lastly, I'm just playing around at this point, but I am gonna add this shimmery color from Dune on the outer corner. That's super pretty. I'll add this to the whole lid. Later, I'll add the highlight to the inner corner. I'll also apply a little bit of shimmer underneath the eye, just in the middle. Then, I'll go back in and touch up with concealer under my eye. I really should have done eyeshadow first. Lesson learned for next time. Luckily, makeup is very forgiving, so you can always go back in and touch it up. I'm just gonna clean up these edges a little too.

I'm absolutely loving this eye look, and honestly, it's a lot darker off-camera. I don't know why it's showing up so light here on camera, but it looks really good in person. So, now let's finish up the rest of the face. I'm gonna go ahead and use lip and cheek because it's a perfect natural color. Since this is supposed to be more of a bronzed look, I won't use too much, just a little finger play here. I'll apply a bit under the eye as well. Honestly, this is just my go-to. It goes with everything and looks really good on both the lips and cheeks. I'll just put a little bit here and then apply it on the lips too. Now, I'm gonna bronze up the face just a little bit more since I've added the lip and cheek. 

I'm gonna go ahead and use Chai. For applying it, I'll use this brush from the four-piece brush set. When I'm doing bronzer, I prefer a really big fluffy brush. So, I'll use this one to tie it all together, sweeping some up on my forehead. Since we're going for a latte look and aiming for a super bronzed effect, I'm going crazy with the bronzer. It's like we're back in high school again.

I wiped off my lip and cheek. Let's redo the lips because I want a nude bronzy look. I'll use Dusty Rose as a lip liner with this same brush. I just wiped it off after using it for the eyeshadow. So, same thing, you can dip in there and apply it as a lip liner.

The Final Touch: Locking in the Look with Shine Control Powder

We're overlining just a hair and kind of blending it on these outer corners. Then, I'm going to use a gloss in the middle. I have Summer Friday's lip butter balm, and it's actually colored too, but it's blending really nicely with this dusty rose lip and cheek. There we go. That's it. That's the lip I needed (laughs). Alright, and lastly, I do need just a little bit of highlight. I was gonna add that to the lid, just where the light would naturally hit, as well as the inner corners. I'll also add this to the nose, and I'm gonna go in one last time with a bit of extra bronzer because we can't have enough bronzer for this look. I'll add some to the tip of the nose to get that super bronze effect. Oh, and I almost forgot the shine control powder.

Just to lock it in, I'm gonna use this little triangle puff in the corners here. And there you have it, the final look. I had a lot of fun with this. I know it took a little while, but sometimes I enjoy taking my time and playing around with makeup. I love how this look turned out. It's super bronze, really well blended, and I hope you guys will try this because I'm kind of obsessed with it. It's a fun new look, more brownish, and it kind of gives me nineties supermodel vibes. Let me know if you guys will be trying this or if there are any other makeup trends you want me to experiment with. Thanks so much for watching. Don't forget to subscribe and check out our TikTok. You might see me there too. Thanks, bye guys

Products Used: 

Concealer: Etna & Arlington
Bronzer: Chai Eyeshadow Duos:
Dune & Nectar
Lip & cheek: Mauve
Highlighter: Champagne Shine Control Powder
Build your own customized Subtl: stack:https://subtlbeauty.com/pages/buildmystack
4 Piece brush set: https://subtlbeauty.com/products/4-piece-makeup-brush-set
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