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6 Top Tips For Transitioning Back to Work

Over the next few months, many of us may be saying goodbye to our “work from home” setups and heading back into the office for business as usual. This might come as a shock for those of us who’ve gotten used to zoom meetings and working on the couch in our pajama pants. 

Instead of jumping right back into your old routine, prepare yourself to go back to work through a slow transition. Making a few easy changes to your daily routine while still working from home will make waking up, getting ready, and heading to work again a lot less stressful when the time comes.

Start waking up earlier

Start waking up earlier

Why? You’ve probably been sleeping in during quarantine since because you’ve spent less time getting ready and didn’t need to account for travel time to work. Switching back to your old wake up time might be difficult if you don’t ease into it.

How? A few weeks before you head back to work, set your alarm for your old wakeup time, and refrain from snoozing. Get up, make your bed, and get ready like you would if you were going to the office.

Set out your clothes the night before.

Set out your clothes the night before

Why? Let’s be honest, pajamas and loungewear have been our go-to work from home uniform so trying to go back to coordinated, thoughtful outfit ensembles might not be as easy as it was pre-lockdown. It’s ok to be out of practice. 

How? No matter what the dress code is at your office, it’s best to keep your outfits simple and comfortable. To simplify your morning, plan your outfit the night before, keeping in mind the weather and what kind of work you’ll be doing that day.

Skip the morning shower

Skip the morning shower

Why? Unless you’re the morning workout type, skipping your morning shower will save time and improve the health of your hair. Chances are you’ve been washing and styling your hair a lot less during the quarantine so that’s a habit you’ll want to continue even out of quarantine. 

How? When you need to shower, do it at night. Showering at night has a variety of benefits including healthier hair because you’re more likely to let it air dry. You can also braid it before bed so you wake up with effortless beachy waves. If you don’t have time for a shower the night before, use dry shampoo, in the morning, to keep oiliness at bay and give your locks a refresh.

Keep breakfast quick and simple

Keep breakfast quick and simple

Why? Maybe you weren’t a breakfast person before quarantine, but now you’re team-breakfast since you’ve had the extra time in the morning to cook. Your body will be used to this eating schedule, so switching back to only having coffee could leave you extra hungry and fatigued. 

How? There are endless breakfast prep recipes out there, but our favorites are overnight oats and egg muffins. Prepping breakfast the night before saves a ton of time in the morning and ensures you’re still getting a filling meal. If food prepping isn’t your thing, keep it simple by having fruit and yogurt or toast with your favorite healthy toppings like peanut butter or avocado.

Minimize your makeup routine.

Minimize your makeup routine

Why? A lot of us have been maintaining a simplified version of our usual beauty routine at home. Instead of transitioning back to full glam, keep it simple. You can still look and feel great without spending an hour in front of the mirror. 

 How? Reach for multi-use products that will save time. Swap your foundation for a lightweight concealer instead. For a pop of color, we recommend the Subtl Lip and Cheek because it can be used on lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Continue following health and safety guidlines.

Continue following health and safety guidelines

Why? Many areas of the country are beginning to ease restrictions on travel and business operations, but that doesn’t mean we should stop being extra cautious in regards to our health. We can begin transitioning back to our normal lives while continuing best practices like hand washing and social distancing.

How? Invest in a high-quality face mask or make your own, and carry it with you at all times. The CDC recommends wearing a mask at all times when you’re in public spaces such as the grocery store or pharmacy, so if you are going back to work in a crowded place, wear one. Always carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently. Most importantly, if you feel sick just stay home. 

If you’re heading back to a work environment where you’re in a mask all day, skip the face makeup altogether and let your skin breathe. 

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