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You Need to Try These Little Women Inspired Looks

I recently saw Little Women, the movie based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, and became obsessed with the delicate and romantic style of the 1860s.

The March Sisters on the beach.

The movie shows that part of the journey of womanhood is learning to love and accept yourself just the way you are. Inspired by Florence Pugh and Emma Watson who play Amy and Meg in the movie, I created two looks that will highlight every woman’s natural beauty, rather than covering it up.

Check them out:

Look #1 Elegant Amy

Florence Pugh as Amy March in Little Women wearing a natural makeup look.

I am the youngest of four sisters so I feel like I can relate to Amy’s character the most. She is more particular about her appearance than her sisters but manages to always look elegant and never overdone. 

1. Skincare 

Wearing a full face of makeup wasn’t a thing in the 1860s so good skincare was a must. I started by washing my face with Osmia Black Clay Soap and moisturizing with Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion.

2. Concealer 

I applied the Subtl Cream Concealer in the Brookline shade lightly under my eyes and on blemishes by dabbing with my fingertips. I skipped the foundation because I was going for a “no makeup” makeup look. If you’d like to add extra coverage, apply your favorite foundation before concealing. 

3. Powder

I applied the Subtl Shine Control Powder generously in my T-zone because I have oily skin. If you have dry skin, apply it sparingly or skip this step altogether. 

4. Blush

Using my finger, I dabbed a small amount of the Mauve Lip Cheek on the apples of my cheeks and then blended using the Stack Brush BFF. This is the perfect product to recreate that Victorian rosy glow because it’s buildable and easy to blend out if you add too much. 

5. Highlighter

We can’t all have a perfect nose like Florence Pugh, so I used my finger to dab the Subtl Champagne Highlighter onto the tip of my nose. This is a trick I use every day to create the illusion of having a button nose. 

6. Mascara

I applied a small amount of my favorite mascara, HUGE by Stila to keep the look as natural as possible. I want it to look like it’s barely there.

7. Lip Tint

I finished the look by applying a light layer of Mauve Lip Cheek to my lips. Any color that’s similar to your natural lips would be best for this look. 

The outcome:

Redhead wearing a natural makeup look inspired by Florence Pugh in Little Women.


Look #2 Sweet Meg

Meg is the sweet big sister who’s always caught in a daydream. This look inspired me to use a lot of pink tones to create the appearance of a naturally flushed face.

Repeat steps 1 through 3 from Look #1

4. Blush

I applied Perfectly Pink Lip Cheek to my cheeks, my eyelids and the tip of my nose by dabbing it on and blending with my fingertip. Applying a bit of pink to the eyelids and nose gives you a “just came in from the cold” effect. 

5. Highlighter

I used my finger to apply the Rose Highlighter to the tip of my nose and the inner part of my eyelid. This will help make your eyes look bigger and brighter. 

6. Mascara

Once again, I used my favorite mascara but applied it a little heavier this time to mimic Meg’s flirty lashes. 

7. Lip Tint

I generously applied the Perfectly Pink Lip Cheek to create a romantic pink pout as the finishing touch.

The outcome: 

Redhead wearing a pink toned natural makeup look inspired by Emma Watson as Meg March in Little Women.

You can recreate these natural looks in less than 10 minutes using your favorite makeup products, but I reached for my Subtl Beauty Stack because the colors and formulations are just right for accentuating my naturally beautiful features.

These are the products I used:

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