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pairs that pop! how to pair eyeshadow with lip & cheek

unlocking the perfect pairing: eyeshadow duos and lip cheek shades

hey, subtl beauty enthusiasts! pauline from zilch beauty is back with another insightful tutorial, and this time, she's delving into the mesmerizing world of eyeshadow duos and how they harmonize with the lip and cheek shades. if you're wondering which eyeshadow complements your lip and cheek game, pauline has got you covered.

understanding color theory and undertones

pauline starts by shedding light on color theory and undertones. cool colors blend well together, warm colors complement each other, and neutrals sit comfortably in the middle, offering versatility. armed with this knowledge, pauline embarks on the journey of exploring the eyeshadow duos and their perfect lip and cheek partners.

the lip and cheek spectrum

pauline introduces the four core lip and cheek shades: terracotta tour guide, mauve in the maldives, passport to plum, and hibiscus highway

  1. terracotta tour guide: this shade leans warm, showcasing a delightful burnt orange vibe.
  2. mauve in the maldives: positioned as the most neutral, it effortlessly transitions between warm and cool tones.
  3. passport to plum: undoubtedly cool, displaying a distinct undertone of purple and blue.
  4. hibiscus highway: the debate ensues, but it's generally neutral, leaning a bit to the cool side.

eyeshadow duo tones

with lip and cheek shades classified, pauline proceeds to showcase the eyeshadow duos. here's a glimpse:

  1. jelly: a versatile duo, leaning towards neutrality, making it a go-to for any lip and cheek shade.

  2. bon voyage: an all matte duo that leans neutral, also bound to look great with any lip and cheek shade. 

  3. staycation: a newer duo, slightly warm, ideal for pairing with terracotta tour guide or mauve in the maldives.

  4. takeoff: the warmest duo, bound to create a stunning combination with terracotta tour guide.

  5. dune: initially considered warm, but with a closer look, dune reveals its neutral nature, offering flexibility with any lip and cheek shade.

  6. crush: a cooler duo, embracing purple undertones, perfect for passport to plum or hibiscus highway.

  7. layover: the coolest duo, featuring purple and gray undertones, a fantastic match for passport to plum or mauve.

  8. cruise: similar to bon voyage, this all matte duo has purple hues, making it a great companion for passport to plum or mauve.

mixing and matching for a personalized look

pauline concludes with a reminder that the matte shades often lean more neutral, providing opportunities to mix and match with different lip and cheek shades. the subtl beauty eyeshadow duos offer a spectrum of possibilities, allowing you to express your unique style.

feel free to explore, experiment, and let your creativity run wild! if you found this tutorial helpful, don't forget to subscribe to subtl's youtube channel for more insightful content. stay tuned for the next beauty adventure with subtl beauty. bye for now! 

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