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How To Perfect Your Minimalistic Makeup Routine

Minimalistic Makeup in Black Bag with Sunglasses and iPhone

When we think about getting ready for work, we mostly focus on what we’re going to wear. What we tend to gloss over is making sure that our makeup is right for the job.

“Dressing for success is so much more than simply choosing an outfit that looks fresh, casual, and yet professional.” - tinytouchups 

Here at Subtl Beauty, we want your makeup to enhance your professional work-look, not distract from it.  So, we put together this handy makeup guide with a less-is-more approach for your office look.



Minimalistic Makeup Flatlay Travel Size Mini Makeup and Skincare

Start with a solid base! 

Before anything else, establish a daily skincare routine that works for you! Having a solid base allows you to achieve that flawless no-makeup makeup look with a lot less effort.

If you plan on applying BB cream, foundation, or concealer, we recommend you use a primer. This certainly isn’t a necessity, and some people prefer to skip it entirely, but it can help even out your skin, and allow makeup to apply more evenly and last longer. 

We encourage you to emphasize your natural features with subtl (see what I did there), natural makeup. Use a light BB cream or hydrating concealer to cover up any blemishes and help even out your complexion, and remember this rule: If you find yourself spending more than 5 minutes on your base you might want to check your skincare routine.




Minimalistic Makeup Travel Size Makeup Mini Makeup Travel Brush

Add some color! 

Start with some bronzer to warm up your face, focusing your application on areas that would naturally be hit by the sun. 

This might include your forehead, hairline, jawline, and nose. Start out light and build color as you go, and remember to blend out any harsh lines for a more natural sun-kissed look! 

It helps to have a smaller brush when applying to your jawline, and a fluffier one for your forehead. Try using a multi-purpose makeup brush like this one to avoid having to switch between multiple brushes! 

Next, add a little bit of blush to your cheeks. Cream blush, like our hydrating Lip and Cheek, typically gives a more natural, “flushed” look, making it perfect for your everyday makeup routine. You can apply cream blush with your fingers, a sponge, or your Stack Brush BFF. 

Add just a little color at first, and slowly build it up, blending as you go.  Apply to your cheekbones, apple of your cheeks, and to the tip of your nose. 

If you’re using your Lip Cheek, or another 2-in-1 cream blush, apply to your lips as well! This can help create a more cohesive look, as well as save you a ton of time in picking out a color and application. 




Minimalistic Eye Makeup

Don't overdo it: minimalistic makeup is in!

The goal here is to help make your eyes look more awake and defined without being distracting. 

We recommend you opt for a light wash of shadow over your eyes, or a simple eye look that helps accentuate your natural eye color.

My go-to quick morning eye look is blending a little bit of bronzer into my crease, adding some highlight or light-colored eyeshadow into my inner corner, and calling it a day!  It’s super quick, easy, and adds depth and dimension to your eye look with very little effort. 

We also recommend skipping the black eyeliner in your waterline and adding a white eyeliner instead. This helps create the illusion of looking more awake, even before your morning coffee.

Finally, we recommend applying 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara for maximum length and definition. Remember not to let the first coat dry down completely, as that could cause clumps and flaking.    



Travel Size Mini Brow Gel Brow Pencil

They’re sisters, not twins.

When it comes to eyebrows, you have a couple of options. You can go au-naturel, add a little bit of clear brow gel for some definition, use a tinted brow gel, or fill them in with a powder, pencil, or cream color. 

When rushing to get out the door in the morning, I typically find it most efficient to reach for a tinted brow gel. It helps make my brows look fuller while still adding definition and creating the minimalist makeup look I’m going for! 

Oh, and it takes less than 30 seconds to apply



Travel Size Mini Blush

Enhance your natural color!

When it comes to lips, my best advice is to pick a product that is similar to your natural lip color.

Whether that be a light gloss or sheer lipstick, Business Insider says “Lip color isn’t necessary, but a sheer finish can enhance your overall appearance. At the very least, use a light tinted lip balm.”

If you feel like you have permanently chapped lips, tinted lip balm is a lifesaver. It can help keep your lips soft and moisturized while also adding a pop of color to pull your look together.


If you’re looking for more makeup tips to up your game, make sure to sign up for our blog updates below!      

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