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Less Is Always More: Simple Makeup Looks for the Office

August 09, 2018 2 min read

 Written by Megan Vazana

When we think about getting ready for work, we mostly focus on what we’re going to wear. What we tend to gloss over is making sure that our makeup is right for the job.

“Dressing for success is so much more than simply choosing an outfit that looks fresh, casual, and yet professional.” - tinytouchups 

Here at Subtl Beauty, we want your makeup to enhance your professional work-look, not distract from it, so we put together a handy makeup guide with a less-is-more approach for your office look.


Start with a good base and keep it natural

Establish a skin care routine that works for you. Having good skin allows you to achieve that flawless-look with a lot less makeup.

We encourage you to emphasize your natural features with subtl (see what I did there) natural makeup. Cover up any imperfections you may have with a light bb or concealer but follow this rule: If you find yourself spending more than 5 minutes on your base you might want to check yourskincare routine.’s work makeup tip is to “master the pretty faux-glow makeup look."

Products: Light bb cream with spf, illuminating concealer, sheer setting powder 


Add some color to your skin! 

Start with a bronzer to warm up your face that is a few shades darker than skin tone. Then pop on a peachy-pink blush to enhance your cheeks. Try a dual lip/cheek product to give a more natural look that ties in the tone of your lip. Subtl beauty is launching 3 Lip Cheek shades in September. Sign up for our launch here!

a dual lip and cheek product is great for work makeup looks

Products: Light-matte bronzer and a peachy-pink blush


Don't overdo it: Less IS more!

Stickwith neutral browns, nudes, and greys for the eyes. My go-to look in the morning is to wash a light creamy nude color all over my eyes from my lash to brow bone. I then take a caramel brown tone and work that into the crease and Voila! Done in a less than a minute.

This look will make your eyes look awake and defined without being distracting. Perfect for the office. 

Products: Neutral eye-shadows, mascara, brow gel


Enhance your color!

When it comes to lips my best advice is to pick a color that is similar to your natural lip color.

Whether that be a light gloss or sheer lipstick, Business Insider says, “Lip color isn’t necessary, but a sheer finish can enhance your overall appearance. At the very least, use a light tinted lip balm.”

Products: Pink/berry lipstick, sheer lip gloss, tinted lip balm

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