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    Lip & Cheek + Eyeshadow Duo Pairings That Are To Die For

    May 14, 2021 3 min read

    We've got all eyes (and lips) on these Eyeshadow Duo and Lip + Cheek pairings, and we think you will too! From everyday neutrals to dramatic glimmer and glam, Pauline will show you a few of our favorite ways to pair the new Eyeshadow Duos with the Lip + Cheeks!

    Dune Duo + Riveting Red Lip & Cheek

    Dune + Riveting Red

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most riveting of them all? Pair the new Dune Eyeshadow Duo with the Riveting Red Lip & Cheek and it’s you, hunny! We love the drama of this combo, and think it creates the perfect glam for happy hour, date night, and those stand-out meetings that demand your attention.

    Why we love this combo:
    • Everyday neutrals on the eye with a pop of color on the lip creates a bolder look
    • The glimmery, bronze hue adds a dramatic, eye-popping effect when paired with a sultry red lip

    Pro Tip:There’s so many ways to glam up this killer combo. Check out Niara’s makeup tutorial using the Dune Duo alongside other Subtl favorites!

    Nectar Duo + Plum Lip & Cheek

    Nectar + Plum

    This look is as sweet as nectar when you combine the Nectar Eyeshadow Duo with the fan favorite Plum Lip & Cheek! The warm tones paired with a juicy plum lip make this sassy look standout amongst the crowd! 

    Why we love this combo:

    • Warm tones paired with a deep plum bring the wow factor for any occasion 
    • The more layers of Plum you apply to your lips, the richer the color

    Pro Tip: Want to see this glam in action? Niara’s makeup tutorial also shows you different ways to rock the Nectar Duo, too!

    Jelly Duo + Perfectly Pink Lip & Cheek

    Jelly + Perfectly Pink

    The perfect combo doesn't exi—. The Jelly Eyeshadow Duo and Perfectly Pink Lip & Cheek (a personal favorite) slay the everyday wear game... and then some. This dynamic duo is perfect for adding a subtle rosy look to cheeks, lips, and eyes all at once, which we think is perfect for cookouts, outdoor dining, walks in the park, and creating an easy, everyday look from work to a casual night out with the girls.

    Why we love this combo:

    • The perfect pink combo for a spring or summer glow
    • Great for everyday wear/looks

    Pro Tip: We think Jelly and Perfectly Pink are the perfect dream team. Check out our latest blog to see how to use both products in action!

    Sunset Duo + Dusty Rose Lip & Cheek

    Sunset + Dusty Rose

    Dust off your makeup game with the Dusty Rose Lip & Cheek and Sunset Eyeshadow Duo! This combination gives us all the classy chic vibes for a sultry night out or a fun pop of color to dress up your everyday wear.

    Why we love this combo:

    • The perfect mixture of warmer rose gold and brick tones
    • Pairs great with both everyday wear (we love this look paired with neutrals to make it stand out) or a dolled up night out (a spin on the classic red lip look with added eye glam)

    Pro Tip: See Dusty Rose in action with this quick and easy makeup tutorial by Subtl Beauty’s very own Founder and CEO Rachel Reid!

    Crush Duo + Mauve Lip & Cheek

    Crush + Mauve 

    We’ve got a confession: we’ve got a crush on this combo, and we’re not afraid to admit it. The Crush Eyeshadow Duo paired with the Mauve Lip & Cheek features every shade you need for essential spring and summer vibes, and we can’t wait for you to try it, too!

    Why we love this combo:

    • Features pops of lavender that are perfect for spring
    • Mauve-lous combo with more natural looking pink hues for everyday wear

    Pro Tip: If you’re a newbie looking to slay these shades, check out Pauline’s makeup tutorial that absolutely crushes the Crush Duo look!

    If you’re drooling over these combos, take a closer look at our new eyeshadow duos to see what shades are perfect for you!

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