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Pastel Looks for Spring

Pastel Makeup Looks for Spring


Spring is in full bloom, and so is our seasonal glam! We're fully embracing the springtime vibes, and have been rocking pastel looks with a few of our favorite Subtl shades. From perfect pinks to light berry hues, read on to learn how we're wearing this season's color palette!

Pastel pink blush for spring

Put the “in” in spring with Perfectly Pink Lip + Cheek

Spring without pinks is like toast without the avocado—we just aren’t having it. The Perfectly Pink Lip + Cheek is our favorite go-to for everyday spring vibes, and goes great with every pastel, and every occasion!

How we love to wear this product:

  • Apply to lips using your finger or an applicator (I added a few layers for a brighter pop of pink).

  • Apply to the balls of your cheeks (a little goes a long way!), brushing up your cheekbone with a makeup brush.

  • Apply a tiny amount to the bridge of your nose, blending in slightly to give a blushed look across your face. 

Pro Tip: When applying a cream product like this Lip + Cheek to your cheeks and nose, try using a stippling brush to get the best results while blending!

Subtl Jelly Eyeshadow Duo

Jazz up your eyes for spring with the Jelly Eyeshadow Duo

We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly…. It’s the perfect duo for spring. The Jelly Eyeshadow Duo is the perfect combo of buttery matte and glimmer with tones to match every outfit change you rock this season. This eyeshadow palette is velvet smooth, crease-proof, and the perfect tag-team for eye-catching results.

 How we love to wear this product:

  • Use the small, dense side of your Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush to deposit the pigment onto your lid, and along the upper and lower lash lines.

  • Use the angled end of your dual-ended eyeshadow brush to blend and diffuse harsh lines

Pro Tip: If you’re as excited about this new eyeshadow duo as we are, see it in action in our eyeshadow tutorial! 

Plum Lip + Cheek

Plump up your lips this spring with Plum Lip + Cheek 

Purple pastels are everything this season, which means the Plum Lip + Cheek is essential for all your spring vibes. The cream-to-matte product is smooth in application and lasts throughout the day, giving you the perfect pucker all day.

How we love to wear this product:

  • Using your finger or lip brush, apply to your lips, rubbing in gently. The more layers you apply, the deeper the color!

  • Dab the product onto the balls of your cheek, blending up your cheekbone with the Stack Brush BFF.

  • Use your finger to dab the product onto your eyelids, rubbing in gently. We recommend going in afterward with your dual-end eyeshadow brush to smooth and even out your look.
Pro Tip: Knowing where to apply blush is important; especially to compliment your specific face shape! Not sure which application is best for your face shape? Check out our Blush 101 tutorial!


Rosé Highlighter

Rosé all day with the Rosé Highlighter

From mid-week happy hours to Sunday rosé brunches, the Rosé Highlighter is the product that truly shines this spring—no, really, have you seen that glimmer?! This powder highlighter is the perfect shade of pink combined with just enough sparkle that’s certain to make you shine bright like a diamond.

How we love to wear this product:
  • Using your Stack Brush BFF, apply at the high points of your face, starting with the top of your cheekbones up toward your temples.

  • Using your finger or a small powder brush, apply to the bridge of your nose and cupid’s bow.

  • Using an eyeshadow brush, apply to both your eyelid and lower lash line for a more dramatic, eye-popping effect.

Pro Tip: Looking for some seasonal beauty inspo? Check out our makeup tutorial for some fun and flirty spring looks featuring the must-have highlighter!

Loving these looks for spring? We’ve got one just for your spring season, Taurus! Check out our girl Pauline’s Taurus-inspired makeup tutorial using her Subtl Beauty stack!

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