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meet the new and improved lip & cheeks!


formulating a lip & cheek that is pigmented, hydrating, and buildable while staying both clean and vegan is a challenge. many traditional lip & cheek products rely on animal-derived ingredients like beeswax and lanolin for their ability to create a moisturizing barrier on the skin.

finding comparable vegan alternatives requires extensive research and experimentation but we knew our team was up for the challenge. after countless reformulations, samples, and testing we finally found the perfect formula.

we rebalanced the formula to prevent sweating in hot weather and drying out. we also adjusted the pigment to allow for more friendly and forgiving use on the lips and cheeks.

some of these shades might look familiar, we just gave their names a refresh. need help translating your 1.0 shade to 2.0? check out this handy guide: 

vegan lip and cheek tint

 1.0  2.0   the difference
 mauve  mauve in the maldives  slightly lighter in color 
 dusty rose  terracotta tour guide  a little more reddish-brown 
 plum   passport to plum  she was perfect already

 see them applied


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