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master your minimal makeup routine for flawless zoom makeup

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minimal makeup routine for zoom makeup featuring the subtl beauty starter stak

master your minimal makeup routine for flawless zoom makeup

zoom meetings aren't going anywhere, so let’s dive into a minimal makeup routine for your virtual calls. do you find yourself reaching for the same products every zoom meeting, or have you perfected a quick, fresh-faced look that makes you feel confident on camera? with so many of us having wfh jobs, the demand for easy (but still flawless) zoom makeup has skyrocketed.

keep reading for our subtl-approved minimal makeup routine to help you perfect zoom makeup:

minimal makeup routine: the essentials for zoom makeup

minimal makeup routine for flawless zoom makeup: try the subtl beauty starter stak because it features, bronzer, highlighter, lip & cheek, shine control pressed powder, and concealer

when it comes to a minimal makeup routine for zoom makeup, subtl beauty has you covered with our starter stak. small but mighty, it comes with five best-selling stackable makeup products, including cream concealer, lip and cheek, bronzer powder, translucent shine control pressed powder, and highlighter. its compact design makes it a zoom makeup necessity.

here are the minimal makeup routine must-haves that our starter stak features to help you virtually slay:

  1. cream concealer: transformative, versatile, and long-lasting, our cream concealer will give you great coverage without caking (see how to use it as a foundation here). plus, it’s infused with coffee seed oil to reduce puffiness. you can choose from nineteen shades and if it’s not a perfect match for your skin tone, we’ll replace it for free.
  2. lip and cheek (in terracotta tour guide): our lip and cheek is a creamy 2-in-1 product sure to have you meeting-ready in no time. it comes in eight shades tailored to compliment your skin tone and whatever aesthetic you’re embracing that day (like minimalism). with only a few finger taps, you can add color to your look – anywhere.
  3. bronzer (based on the concealer you choose): with our bronzer powder having an ultra-high concentration of pigment, a little goes a long way. it’s seamless to blend for a minimalist-approved flawless finish, and it’ll give you a long-lasting radiance for those pesky mid-week zoom meetings. the subtl beauty bronzer powder comes in five shades.
  4. pressed-powder highlighter (in champagne): our highlighter is not only easy to use and beginner-friendly, but a necessity to get a zoom makeup glow. it’s versatile, amazing for highlighting and adding a shimmer to your eyeshadow look, and can be built up for a glassy sheen, making it perfect for everyone’s style, even a minimalist’s
  5. shine control pressed powder: the subtl shine control powder is a game-changer if your job requires you to make oodles of virtual appearances as it keeps oil at bay. unlike a lot of other translucent powders out there, ours is lightweight, cake-free, sets your makeup in place, and will keep you looking flawless through the longest of meetings.
@subtlbeauty FULL tutorial with starter stack here: @Subtl Beauty 💖🎉✨ #subtlstaks #makeupstak #easymakeuptutorial #makeuproutine ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty

grab your subtl beauty starter stak here (it comes with a free stak brush bff!). 

step-by-step minimal makeup routine for seamless zoom makeup

minimal makeup routine for flawless zoom makeup using the subtl beauty starter stak. 1. concealer, 2. lip & cheek, 3. bronzer, 4. highlighter, 5. shine control

for all of our wft home gals (including those on a hybrid schedule), we have a secret: mastering zoom makeup with a quick, minimalist approach is the best way to go. to help you tackle your next virtual meeting, here's a step-by-step minimal makeup routine using the starter stak:

  1. cream concealer:
  • apply the cream concealer using your fingers or a brush (we recommend our 4-piece brush set) to areas needing coverage, like under the eyes or around any blemishes.
  • blend gently for a natural, minimalistic finish. you can use your concealer as a light foundation for even more coverage by applying a small amount evenly across your skin. 
  1. lip and cheek:
  1. bronzer powder:
  • choose the bronzer shade that matches your concealer tone. if you’re not sure what shade to get, check out our bronzer guide or take the subtl easy-to-follow beauty quiz.
  • with a light hand, sweep the bronzer along the hollows of your cheeks, temples, and jawline to add warmth and dimension to your face. blend well for a seamless look.
  1. pressed-powder highlighter:
  1. shine control pressed powder:

for all the video-loving subtl beauties out there, here’s a minimalist makeup routine by our founder, rachel reid (she’s a zoom makeup pro – we promise):

@subtlbeauty the perfect beginner friendly makeup tutorial ✨🤍 #subtlstak #portablemakeup #travelmakeup #travelproducts #tsaapproved #tutorial #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty

minimal makeup routine: 4 zoom makeup tips and tricks

minimalist makeup routine for zoom makeup: start with a good base, try a face sculpt tool, check your makeup on camera before the meeting, and more

ready to elevate your zoom makeup game? whether you're a beauty beginner or just looking for an efficient minimal makeup routine for virtual meetings, we've curated 4 essential tips and tricks to perfect your online look. from achieving high coverage with concealer to enhancing your on-camera glow, these strats will ensure you look seamless and ready for every work call:

  1. start with a good base (skincare matters!): not included in your starter stak is skincare, but hey – that’s a venture we might tackle one day. let's go over why starting with skincare matters. mua jason hoffman says: “the skin should be hydrated, which will enhance your products. well-prepped skin gives you a beautiful glow and helps you use less product.” we recommend the mox starter set, e.l.f’s power grip primer, and essence’s volume lash primer
  2. try a sculpt and tone tool to depuff: if you haven’t tried a skin tool, then hear us out: gua shas and ice rollers are game-changers. studies have shown that getting facial massages using tools like a gua sha can alleviate stress, depuff, relax both your mind and body, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by boosting collagen. we recommend trying the blunt rolling stone gua sha and imeasy customizable ice roller before doing your zoom makeup look.
  3. test your makeup on camera before the call: one of our fave minimal makeup routine tips for zoom is testing your makeup on camera before the meeting. to do this, open up zoom and join with video enabled. go to video settings to adjust your camera’s brightness, contrast, and saturation; this helps you see how your makeup appears on screen. make sure to test different angles and distances to see how your zoom makeup will look during the meeting.
  4. 4. choose a background that complements your makeup look: have you changed your zoom background before? did you know you can use it to complement your look? to do this, go for neutral backgrounds or simple patterns that won't clash with your minimalist makeup shades; make sure it enhances rather than distracts from your zoom makeup. you can also experiment with zoom's background blur or adjustment tools to refine your background's impact.
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grab the subtl beauty starter stak to master a minimal makeup routine and zoom makeup

minimal makeup routine for flawless zoom makeup: try the subtl beauty starter stak because it includes everything you need, fits in the palm of your hand, can be applied with just your fingers, and more

want to join 500+ subtl beauties by grabbing the best minimalist makeup set (aka the starter stak) to use during your next zoom meeting? not only do we offer fully customizable minimalist-approved kits, but we’ve also curated a line of pre-made staks, as well. if you’re not sure what shades to choose for your skin tone, try our 30-second beauty quiz designed to help you navigate our stackable makeup.

check out this tiktok going more in-depth on our starter stak (it’s a zoom makeup must-have!):

@subtlbeauty Replying to @koffiekat Wondering what’s in the subtl starter stack? Watch this! #subtlstack #mommakeuproutine ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty

which of our minimal makeup routine tips and tricks will you be using for zoom? 

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