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best eyeshadow for blue eyes!



perfect eyeshadow shades to make blue eyes pop!

 hey everyone! welcome back to the subtl beauty blog. today, we’re diving into the best eyeshadow shades to complement blue eyes. as someone with blue eyes, i’ve had my fair share of experimenting, and while personal preference plays a big part, there are definitely some shades that stand out more than others. with the trend of getting your colors done making a comeback, i thought it’d be fun to share some tips on which eyeshadow colors can really make your blue eyes pop. let’s get into it!

color theory and blue eyes

to start, let’s go back to color theory. if you look at the color wheel, the colors opposite blue are red and orange hues. while i’m not suggesting you wear red eyeshadow, shades with warm reds and oranges can really enhance blue eyes. you’ll want to look for eyeshadows in golds, oranges, coppers, rose golds, and browns. these shades tend to highlight blue eyes beautifully.

top eyeshadow recommendations

1. takeoff eyeshadow duo

the takeoff eyeshadow duo features a warm coppery tone. one shade is a beige shimmer, and the other is a warm matte almond color. applying a little to the crease can make your eyes pop instantly. this duo is perfect for those looking for a warm, brown, almondy shade – think of it as an enhanced bronzer for your eyes.

2. jelly eyeshadow duo

the jelly eyeshadow duo might not be warm, but it’s my absolute favorite for blue eyes. the toned-down purple can bring out the blue, and the shimmer is light and brightening. it’s perfect for a light and airy look, making it a top pick from subtl beauty.

3. dune eyeshadow duo

the dune eyeshadow duo is another great option. it includes a deep dark brown, which can double as an eyeliner or be added to the crease for a more dramatic look. the warm champagne shimmer complements blue eyes by enhancing those warm undertones.

4. cloud nine eyeshadow duo

lastly, the cloud nine eyeshadow duo is fantastic for a very light, peachy shimmer look. the matte peach color makes a great base, evening out your skin tone and setting the stage for any eyeshadow look. the light peach shimmer is perfect for a subtle, summery glow.

final thoughts

those are my top eyeshadow duo recommendations for blue eyes. if you’re looking to expand your collection or try something new, these shades are a great place to start.

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thanks for reading! don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for more tips and tutorials. see you next time!

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