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Meet the New and Improved Subtl 2.0 Travel Makeup Kits

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Meet the New and Improved Subtl 2.0 Makeup Travel Kits

Recently at Subtl, we’ve been busy innovating and launching a new and improved Subtl Beauty 2.0 Stak that’ll still bring you the convenience of our original makeup travel kits (AKA Stak 1.0), but with a few updated twists. Our ultra-dedicated team and Subtl’s founder, Rachel Reid, spent years listening to customer feedback, hoping to build on the original design. While we ended up opting for a new Stak look, it has more benefits, more pigment, and best of all – more product.

Meet The New and Improved Subtl 2.0 Makeup Travel Kits


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Keep reading to learn more about Subtl’s humble beginnings, along with an exploration of the key features and updates we’ve made to the design of the Stak 2.0 (including new good-for-you formulations and complimentary shades!):

About Subtl Beauty

For our founder, Rachel, Subtl Beauty started as a basic solution to a very common problem – her beauty products were way too big to pack in the tiny sleepover bag that she was using for an overnight trip with her new beau. After filling three empty contact cases with products, she started attracting attention from other women who were struggling with the same problem. 

A contact case with lotion and foundation

Originally named “Hoe On the Go,” Rachel put her heart and soul into interviewing over a hundred women to find a real solution. Subtl was born after she rebranded, renamed, and repackaged. But in 2019 – when Beauty Insider posted an in-depth review of the Subtl Stak – is when things really changed for Subtl Beauty and travel-loving people everywhere. 


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In 2023, we launched our Subtl Stak 2.0, which is bigger (don’t worry; it’s still TSA-friendly!), better, and offers more benefits than the Stak 1.0. Here’s a quick dive into the updates and features of the Stak 2.0 that you need to know about:

The Subtl 2.0 Makeup Travel Kits Come With New Tools And Are Refillable to Save You Money

Subtl Beauty 2.0 Makeup Travel Kits Dry Brush Cleaner: A compact and convenient solution for keeping your makeup brushes clean on the go.

With the launch of our Stak 2.0, Subtl Beauties everywhere are boasting that our Starter Stak and Ready Set Go Stak are even more of a travel makeup kit necessity than before. For instance, the Starter Stak (and every Stak, for that matter) comes with a built-in mirror and functional brush so you can do your makeup anywhere with ease. But there’s more:



Unlike our previous model, the new and improved Stak 2.0 is completely refillable. All you have to do is pop out the pan from the layer you want to refill, snap the bezel in place, and voilà – you’re ready to travel without any makeup worries. By making our Staks refillable, you’ll save time and money (each refillable pan is only $12) and it’s friendlier for the environment. 



You Can Add Our New Dry Brush Cleaner to Your Subtl 2.0 Stak

We’re totally with you, Subtl Beauties; cleaning your makeup brushes is a pain. But – to save you time, especially while traveling – we created our new Dry Brush Cleaner, which is its own layer. It’s a reusable and refillable brush cleaner for your on-the-go moments that leaves no mess behind. It innovatively allows you to remove any pigment from your brush without water, meaning you can switch between shades using a single brush. Check it out for yourself:



Our Subtl 2.0 Makeup Travel Kits Feature New Formulas and Shades

It’s true: The Stak 2.0 features reformulations to improve pigment and increase wearability. Our Cream Concealer, for example, is now formulated with coffee seed oil to wake up your under eyes and comes in 19 shades. We spent nearly two years working on its formulation to provide better coverage, be friendlier on all skin types, and last all day long, no matter where you’re traveling.



We also added some beautiful new shades to our Lip & Cheek lineup, like Hibiscus Highway; it’s a vibrant pink that blends seamlessly for a natural flush or can be built up to give you a pop of color. Formulated with jojoba oil and shea butter, the new Subtl Beauty Lip & Cheeks will hydrate, nourish, and leave you with a flawless finish.



A Look at the Compatibility of Our Subtl 2.0 Makeup Travel Kits

During Stak 2.0’s creation, we wanted to keep the design compatible with Stak 1.0, but we soon figured out that we’d be limited in what we could do because of the dimensions of Stak 1.0. For example, if you’ve been with us for a while, you may recall your original Stak getting stuck when trying to twist the layers back together, ultimately putting a damper on your beauty routine.

To fix this common issue (and more), our founder – Rachel – redesigned the entire thread structure of Stak 2.0, which unfortunately doesn’t make it compatible with Stak 1.0. However, since Stak 2.0 is bigger and better, we’re excited to bring more customer recommendations and ideas to you that weren’t previously possible with Stak 1.0’s smaller dimensions. 

Here’s a breakdown of the compatibility between our 1.0 and 2.0 Subtl Staks:



In Conclusion: The Subtl Stak 2.0 Is a Beauty Game-Changer

Two individuals using Subtl Beauty 2.0 makeup travel kits to effortlessly apply makeup on the go

At Subtl Beauty, we create products for badass people on the go, which is why we carefully curated our Stak 2.0 makeup travel kits; they’re a time-saving game-changer that people everywhere can’t stop gushing about. Don’t believe us? Check out these five-star reviews:

Want to join over 200+ happy Subtl Beauties by grabbing a Stak 2.0? Click here to choose your concealer shade, so that if you opt for a Premade Stak, we know how to perfectly curate it. Or you can customize your own Stak to meet your personal aesthetic. You can also take our 30-second quiz if you’re not sure what Subtl shades would work best for your skin.



An entire makeup routine in the palm of your hand!

♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty



If you’re already obsessed with our Stak 2.0, make sure to let us know how it has replaced your previous travel makeup kit. Did you add any accessories to your Stak? What’s your favorite layer? We’d love to know all the stakable deets!

A review graphic of Subtl Beauty 2.0 makeup travel kits with positive feedback and high ratingsA review graphic of Subtl Beauty 2.0 makeup travel kits with positive feedback and high ratings

A review graphic of Subtl Beauty 2.0 makeup travel kits with positive feedback and high ratings


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