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stak 2.0 is HERE! changes + first impressions

In today's exciting video, Keira introduces you to Stak 2.0 and shares some of the changes and improvements with the new stak - as well as her first impressions. Head to Instagram to learn more - the new stak will be available for purchase on August 4th at subtlbeauty.com! 


Welcome back to the Subtl YouTube channel, everyone! Today is an incredibly exciting day as we finally get to announce Stack 2.0. Our dedicated Subtl team has put years of effort into this project, taking into account valuable customer feedback. I'm genuinely thrilled about the numerous improvements and tweaks that have been made.

Just take a moment to appreciate the stunning new coloring, branding, and packaging! Here's the old stack, and here's the new one - undeniably more substantial. This beautiful color happens to be my all-time favorite, and I can't get enough of it. Also, notice the thoughtful changes, like how the names now neatly align, compared to before when they were somewhat scattered.

In the upcoming video, I'll guide you through all the exciting changes that have been implemented. Then, I can't wait to share my first impressions as I use this incredible stack. Stay tuned for more!

I've decided to split this information into two separate videos, given the sheer amount of exciting content to cover. In today's video, we'll focus on some of the remarkable changes. In the next one, I'll take you through the stack, showcasing its usage and discussing the first significant change.

First off, let's talk about the size and packaging. As you can see, Stack 2.0 is notably larger compared to its predecessor, Stack 1.0. The key improvement is that Stack 2.0 allows for individual pan replacement. In the past, with Stack 1.0, you had to replace the entire pan. Now, with Stack 2.0, when you run out of a particular product, you can simply order a new pan and place it inside the existing packaging. This move towards replaceable pans promotes sustainability, reducing unnecessary waste, and also saves you money. When it's time for a refill, all you need to do is pop out the used pan by gently lifting the bezel, and the new pan easily slides into place.

Such a brilliant improvement, right? Stay tuned for more exciting changes in the next video!

Inserting the new pan is incredibly simple. Just pop the bezel back down, and voila, you're good to go! When you initially order, you'll receive a box with the full packaging, but once you run out of a specific color, you have the option to order just the refill, which is pretty cool. Each product comes with a temporary plastic cover, which is a nice touch.

Now, onto the next fantastic change that we made based on feedback from many of you. Behold, the addition of a mirror in the lid! How cool is that? Not only that, but the lid is now a convenient pop-up style, which is a significant improvement over the previous screw-off lid. This mirror is just the perfect size for easy makeup application on the go, making the stack even more user-friendly for all your adventures!

Let's move on to the next change, which involves the bottom of the stack. Previously, there was this adorable little puff included, but I found it to be a bit too small for my liking, so I didn't end up using it much. However, they've now replaced it with this fantastic round brush, and I absolutely love it! The shape is really cool, and I can't wait to try it out, which I'll do in the next video. The brush itself features a stunning purple ombre design that I'm totally obsessed with. It fits perfectly at the bottom of your stack, making it super convenient for on-the-go use.

Speaking of using your stack on the go, one of my all-time favorite features is the dry brush cleaner.

Let's talk about some more incredible changes they've made! In the old stack, the dry brush cleaner and the puff shared the same compartment at the bottom, which meant you had to choose between them. But now, they've thoughtfully brought back the dry brush cleaner, placing it in its own compartment so you can enjoy both the dry brush cleaner and your little brush pan together. Isn't that amazing?

And that's not all; they also made significant improvements to the formulas. For instance, the concealer now boasts more pigment and staying power, and they've expanded the shade range, which is super exciting. The lip and cheek product got a makeover as well, providing better sweat resistance, increased hydration, and longer staying power. When it comes to the highlighter, you can count on a stunning glow no matter the lighting. Oh, and they didn't forget the shine control powder; it's now reformulated to leave no white cast behind.

These thoughtful changes really elevate the entire experience! I'm so impressed with the attention to detail. Stay tuned for more as I delve deeper into these fantastic improvements in the next video!

Now, let's talk about how these changes truly elevate the stack. The makeup now locks into your skin, preventing shine throughout the day, which is fantastic. These are the major improvements we've made to the stack. As you can see, it's so much more substantial, and I absolutely love the matte finish and the overall feel of it. Obsessed is an understatement!

I wanted to create this quick video to cover all these exciting updates, but there's even more to explore. Head over to subtlbeauty.com to discover all the other new features and updates. In the next video, I'll be trying out the stack for the first time, and I can't wait to share that experience with you. Once it's up, I'll link it below, so you can check it out.

If you're as excited as I am, make sure to order your new Stack 2.0 at subtlbeauty.com. I've had a blast playing around with the new colors and unboxing everything. Now, I can't wait to try the products and share my thoughts with you. Don't forget to subscribe for future videos and leave any questions you have about Stack 2.0 in the comments below. Thanks for joining me, and I'll see you next time. Bye!

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