Quick Tips for Smooth Makeup Application

December 19, 2022 2 min read

Niara is back on the channel to share some tips for smooth makeup application!  From skincare prep to makeup brush techniques, Niara talks us through each step.

Products Used
Lip and Cheek in Mauve
Lip and Cheek in Dusty Rose
Cream Concealer in Ellsworth


Preparing Your Skin for Smooth Makeup Application

In this video, I will demonstrate how to apply makeup to achieve a smooth finish, even if you have acne-prone skin with textured areas. Before applying makeup, I recommend doing a light physical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and smooth the surface of your skin. I personally use an exfoliating toner every night.

Choosing the Right Primer for a Smooth Base

First, I apply a primer to create a smooth base for the rest of my makeup. Although I used to not be a fan of primers, I have found them to be essential for achieving a smooth makeup application. When looking for a primer, I recommend choosing one that has blurring or smoothing properties. Don't forget to apply it on your eyelids as well. I apply my primer all over my face because I want everything to be locked in and stay in place.

Applying Foundation for a Smooth Finish

I prefer liquid foundations to powder foundations because powder can highlight any texture on the skin. To apply the foundation, I use a brush and tap it onto my skin in a tapping motion. This helps to smooth out the base and avoid streaks.

Blending Concealer for a Seamless Look

When it comes to concealer, I like to use a damp sponge to blend it in for a seamless finish. It is important to never use a dry sponge when applying makeup because it can drag the product around and pull at the foundation underneath, causing streaks. Instead, use a damp sponge to press the product into your skin for a better blend.

Using Cream Products for a Smooth Makeup Finish

To achieve a super smooth finish, I recommend using cream blush and cream bronzer before setting your makeup in place. Cream products tend to provide a smoother finish and can be built up more easily. In this video, I am using the shade Ellsworth as my bronzer.

Finishing Your Makeup with a Setting Spray

To finalize your makeup and achieve a smooth finish, consider using a setting spray. This step can help your makeup melt together and eliminate a powdery or cakey appearance. I used to skip this step, but I have found it to be helpful.

Wrapping Up: Tips for a Smooth Makeup Application

That's it for my smooth makeup tutorial. My name is Niara Alexis and you can find me on Instagram and YouTube under that handle. Thank you for watching, and I hope to see you in my next video.

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