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summer 2024 makeup trends


hottest makeup trends for summer 2024

hey guys, welcome back to the subtl youtube channel! i’m keira, and today we're diving into the hottest makeup trends for summer 2024. earlier this year, i covered some 2024 makeup trends, but there are new and exciting trends emerging that you need to know about. i’m basing this on a cosmopolitan article titled "7 best 2024 makeup trends according to experts." let's get into it!

colored mascara

trend number one is colored mascara. while i won’t be jumping on this trend myself (thanks to my lash extensions), it’s perfect for those who love experimenting with makeup, especially for festivals or fun trips. if you're going to try it, blue and brown mascaras are particularly popular. blue mascara can look stunning, especially if you have blue or brown eyes. if you want to keep things subtle, brown mascara softens your look and gives a more natural finish.

blue eyeshadow

the next trend is blue eyeshadow. reminiscent of the '80s, blue eyeshadow is making a comeback. if you're hesitant, consider a blue winged liner or a pop of smudged blue eyeshadow. it’s a fun way to dip your toes into the trend without going full-on '80s.

wet skin

wet skin is another hot trend. unlike the general glowy skin trend, wet skin focuses on a concentrated highlighter that makes your skin look almost wet. subtl’s new gin fizz highlighter is perfect for achieving this look. apply it to the apples of your cheeks, the tip of your nose, and the inner corners of your eyes for a stunning glow. balance this by using shine control powder on areas you don't want to look greasy.

muted blurry lips

muted blurry lips are also in vogue. while i’m currently rocking a glossy look, i appreciate the simplicity of muted colors. this trend is about a soft, matte finish without sharp lines, giving a blurred, effortless vibe. personally, i’m not a fan of the smudged liner look, but a matte finish can be very chic.

doll blush

doll blush is another big trend, popularized by sabrina carpenter. this look focuses on placing blush on the apples of your cheeks rather than the higher cheekbones. it brings attention to the center of your face, giving a cute, pouty appearance. i used hibiscus highway for this look and was pleasantly surprised by how much i liked it.

matte smoky eyes

matte smoky eyes are perfect for a night out. while i usually opt for a simple bronzer in the crease, a smoky eye can be great for special occasions. it’s all about using dark shades and smudging them out for a sultry, dramatic look.

holographic makeup

holographic makeup is all about iridescent, shimmery colors like purple and blue. it can look beautiful and intentional if done right, but be careful to avoid looking too juvenile. subtl’s layover eyeshadow duo offers a pretty, shimmery purple that can help you achieve this trend in a more wearable way.

final thoughts

these are some of the hottest makeup trends for summer 2024. i hope you’re excited to try them out. let me know which trends you’re loving and if there are any other trends you think i should try. don’t forget to subscribe for more amazing videos every week. bye, guys!

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