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5+ sustainable beauty hacks using subtl's best travel makeup

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best travel makeup: subtl beauty's mini travel makeup kit is sustainable; photo shows the subtl beauty stackable makeup and a woman holding the compact stak

5+ sustainable beauty hacks using subtl's best travel makeup

when it comes to the best travel makeup (or any kind, really), sustainability matters. at subtl beauty, we create each mini travel makeup kit with the same care and attention we give to our brand’s environmental impact. from our lip & cheek tints to our bronzer powder, every innovative product uses nourishing ingredients that feed your skin, giving it a flawless look 24/7.

for a few sustainability hacks using subtl's best travel makeup (protip: use this skin undertone test to help find the shades for your mini travel makeup kit), keep reading:

best travel makeup sustainability hacks: use products with good-quality ingredients

best travel makeup: subtl beauty's mini travel makeup kit features good ingredients like squalane, coffee seed oil, and more

at subtl beauty, we formulate with skin-loving ingredients because we know what you put on your face matters. as a busy mom and avid traveler, the last thing you need is oxidized makeup or a pesky breakout from low-quality beauty products. this is why we promise 100% transparency when it comes to our mini travel makeup kit and what’s in each innovative formula.

here are a few ingredients that can be found in subtl’s best travel makeup:

  • squalane: squalane (different from its non-sustainable counterpart called squalene), sourced from olives or sugarcane, is a lightweight yet deeply hydrating oil that mimics your skin's natural sebum. its non-comedogenic nature makes it suitable for all skin types, providing intense moisture without clogging pores and leaving skin soft.
  • jojoba oil: extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant, this nutritious oil is a versatile beauty ingredient that’s extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. jojoba oil’s moisturizing and balancing properties make it the perfect option for all skin types, helping to hydrate and soothe while regulating oil production for a healthy, glowing complexion. 
  • shea butter: obtained from the nuts of the shea tree, shea butter is a nourishing powerhouse for the skin, packed with vitamins and fatty acids (not to mention it smells like a warm, cozy dream). shea butter’s moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties make it a+ for soothing dry, irritated skin and promoting a soft, supple texture.
  • coffee seed oil: rich in antioxidants like vitamin e, this lipidic oil extracted from coffee beans can protect against free radicals and premature aging. coffee seed oil’s emollient properties may moisturize and nourish your skin, while caffeine stimulates blood circulation, providing a revitalized complexion that’s great for post-vacation exhaustion

best travel makeup sustainability tips: save money and time with stackable makeup best travel makeup: subtl beauty's mini travel makeup kit is stackable

did you hear about stak 2.0? if not, check out this video from our founder, rachel reid:

unlike our stak 1.0, the new and improved mini travel makeup kit is refillable. all you have to do is pop out the pan from the layer you want to refill, snap the bezel in place, and voilà – you’re ready to travel sustainably without any makeup worries. by making our stackable makeup refillable, you’ll save time and money as each of our best travel makeup refills is only $12

to make traveling more sustainable, we’ve made our mini travel makeup kit layers the perfect weight for easy tsa pass-throughs. while this means smaller packaging, resulting in less material usage and waste, you can get three months of daily use out of them. this also saves you the hassle of buying new products at your travel destination and reduces carbon emissions.

best travel makeup sustainability hacks: pack multi-use makeup brushes

best travel makeup: use multi-use tools alongside subtl beauty's mini travel makeup kit

when it comes to sustainability and multi-use tools, subtl beauty has it on lock. here’s our entire brush lineup, along with info on them:

@subtlbeauty Replying to @❂ udon The subtl brush line up which are all travel friendly and perfect for stocking stuffers! 💃🏻🎅 #subtlbeauty #minimalmakeup #makeupstockingstuffers ♬ A Nonsense Christmas - Sabrina Carpenter

did you know you can get the best travel blush brush for free? our adjustable, multi-use stak brush bff is perfect for both precision-use and all-over-face application, meaning you only need one singular brush when using subtl’s best travel makeup. to get the stak brush bff free, you just need to customize your starter stak using our beauty quiz and skin undertone test.

the subtl’s dual-end eyeshadow brush, another fan-favorite, can help you accomplish a complete eye look. it features dual ends for on-the-go ease and soft bristles that allow an ultra-smooth application. designed with caps for cleanliness, it promotes minimalism, organization, and sustainability by eliminating the need for a collection of eyeshadow brushes.

looking for more tools to go with your subtl mini travel makeup kit? meet the subtl beauty 4-piece set, which includes a blush brush (#35), dual-ended eyeshadow brush (#15), powder brush (#45), and a stippling brush for cream products (#20). often hailed as the best travel makeup brushes, they feature synthetic, cruelty-free fibers for clean beauty and sustainability.

you can find all of subtl’s tools, along with our travel makeup bag for beauty-experienced jet-setters and newbie beginners alike, here.

best travel makeup sustainability hacks: use a waterless dry makeup brush cleaner

best travel makeup: you can add the subtl beauty dry brush cleaner to our mini travel makeup kit; it's convenient, reusable, water-free, and comes with extra cleaning pads

we can agree on this, subtl beauties – cleaning your makeup brushes is an absolute chore. to save you time, especially while traveling, we created our innovative dry brush cleaner (as its own layer). it’s reusable, refillable and leaves zero mess behind. it also allows you to remove any pigment from your brush sans water, meaning you can switch between shades anywhere. 

@subtlbeauty Replying to @familyguyenthusiast we love the dry brush cleaner, especially if you dont like using a ton of different makeup brushes! #drybrushcleaner #makeupbrushhack #subtl #subtlstaks ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty

want to know why the dry brush cleaner is more sustainable than other tool hygiene options?

  • water conservation: traditional brush cleaning techniques often involve using water and soap, which can contribute to water wastage, especially if done often. the subtl beauty dry brush cleaner eliminates the need for water, conserving this resource.
  • reduced packaging: the subtl beauty dry brush cleaner comes in minimal packaging compared to liquid cleaners or wipes, which are often sold in plastic containers. minimal packaging means less material usage and less waste generated.
  • longevity: we made our dry brush cleaner to be reusable and durable for on-the-go moments; it can last for a long time (spoiler: ours comes with extra pads!), reducing the need for frequent replacements compared to disposable wipes or cotton balls.
  • chemical usage: some brush cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, while requiring resources for proper disposal. the subtl dry brush cleaner isn’t created with chemicals, making it more environmentally-friendly.

best travel makeup sustainability tips: need diy makeup organizer ideas? upcycle excess beauty packaging

best travel makeup: subtl beauty's mini travel makeup kit is sustainable, but the excess packaging can be used for diy makeup organizer ideas

if you’ve never ordered our best travel makeup before, you’re probably curious about what packaging we use. in general, our mini travel makeup kit’s layers are delivered to you in small, compact boxes to cutdown on waste, while making sure they get to you in perfect condition. to add extra sustainability to your life, you can use those boxes for diy makeup organizer ideas.

check out this easy way to do it (via diy makeup organizer ideas from the honest company): 

  1. gather your cosmetic boxes, making sure they’re clean and sturdy.
  2. visualize how you want your diy makeup organizer to look and function, considering the size and layout, as well as the types of travel makeup products you need to organize.
  3. start arranging the cosmetic boxes on your workspace, experimenting with configurations until you find a layout that works for you and your products.
  4. once you're satisfied, use adhesive or double-sided tape to secure the boxes together. apply the adhesive to the bottom and sides of each box for stability.
  5. get creative and decorate your diy makeup organizer to match your personal aesthetic.
  6. start organizing your travel makeup products into the designated compartments.

grab subtl's best travel makeup to promote sustainable beauty

want to join over 500+ subtl beauties by grabbing the mini travel makeup kit to help you promote beauty sustainability? not only do we offer customizable travel makeup sets, but we’ve also curated a line of pre-made staks, as well. if you’re not sure what shades to choose, try our 30-second beauty quiz and skin undertone test to help you navigate subtl's beginner-friendly products. 

if you’re looking for a starting point, we recommend the starter stak which includes our best travel blush brush for free: the stak brush bff! the starter stak features five of our best-selling products that were mentioned above – bronzer powder, concealer, highlighter, shine control pressed powder, and lip & cheek tint in terracotta tour guide – along with a built-in mirror, lid, and brush. 

@subtlbeauty FULL tutorial with starter stack here: @Subtl Beauty 💖🎉✨ #subtlstaks #makeupstak #easymakeuptutorial #makeuproutine ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty

for more experienced connoisseurs, get your hands on our mini travel makeup kit known as the ready, set, go stak. as the best travel makeup kit for travelers, it comes with a set of on-the-go essentials to create an everyday look in just minutes: the 4-piece brush set, shine control pressed powder, original lip balm, lip & cheek tint in terracotta tour guide, and concealer in your shade.

do you have sustainability hacks using our best travel makeup? also, will you be grabbing a mini travel makeup kit? we love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a subtl beauty review after giving them a go.

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