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The Difference Between Powder Blush and Lip and Cheek


This is the Subtl Blush Collection, a set of powder blushes, which they've never launched before. I'm going to compare them to the existing lip and cheeks. Talk through the formulas, how they're different, how you can use them separately and maybe even together. 

The Subtl Beauty Blush Collection

subtl blushes

Quick Blush Overview

If you're an existing customer of Subtl, you know that their lip and cheeks are some of the most popular products that they have. I absolutely love them. They are cream formulas. They have a shade range of five different colors. My favorites are coral and mauve.

In the powder blushes, you have three different shades. You have:

  1. Pink in a Pinch: Which is a bright pink shade
  2. Blossom Bound: More of like a neutral, light mauve
  3. Daytrip at Dawn: A warmer shade of pink

You definitely have options here for different skin tones, and I'm going to just kind of talk through the difference in the formula.

When to use Lip and Cheek 

If you know and love the lip and cheek, you know they are so wonderful because they are creamy and you can easily build them up. You can just lighten or intensify the color of the Lip and Cheek so easily. I would say if you tend to be drier or more dehydrated, this is a really beautiful finish on skin that needs a little extra moisture and a little extra oomph, versus the powder shades. The Lip and Cheek is really good for dry skin.

When to use Powder Blush

The powder blushes would be better for someone who's a little bit more oily or even just looking for a longer lasting makeup look.

I think even though these are so beautiful, cream in general, whether it's Subtl products or not, tends to fade a little bit faster than a powder product does, just because it kind of moves with our face as we smile, as we express. Whereas powder really kind of sticks to the skin, no matter how you're moving or how you are going about your day, a little bit better than a cream product. 

Like I said, If you are on the more oily side or you have something that you want a little bit more long wear, or just a little more pigment, I highly recommend checking out these new powder blushes.

Cream Lip and Cheek vs. Powder Blush

lip and cheek vs. cream blush

if you're going to be at an event where you don't really have time to be touching up or kind of checking yourself, I think a powder blush actually, no matter your skin type, would be a great option.

Whereas for day-to-day, I'm a huge cream blush fan. So, I also love the fact that you can use the Lip and Cheeks on both your lip and your cheeks.

I even sometimes use it as a little bit of a eyeshadow, just if I want a little something before I go out and about.

How to Apply The Powder Blush

I like to use a big fluffy brush and, personally, I love to just kind of blot that first layer of powder on the back of my hand before I get going, It's very pigmented, it's also really buildable, which I enjoy. There's nothing worse than putting a product down and being like, "Oh crap, where's that going to go? I need to blend that out." This has been really a nice buildable blush.

Something to consider as well with different powders is that sometimes if you put powder on top of cream, sometimes they don't always mix, but this feels like a really nice little pairing, so I'm happy about that. If you feel like maybe you'll use some cream blush, but it's a little too shiny, you could actually go and almost set your cream blush with that powder blush to kind of lock it in.

Final Thoughts

I think having a cream blush and a powder blush is always a good idea, because again, you never know exactly what you're going to need them for. They can be used separately, but also together.

If you found this helpful, check out the full YouTube tutorial. 

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