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The PERFECT Date Night Makeup Stack: The Galentines Kit

Happy Galentines Day!

Sharon Jayy is back to show you how to get the PERFECT date night look using our Galentines Day set.

Product Used: 

Lip and Cheek in Perfectly Pink
Wanderlust Eyeshadow Duo
Pink in a Pinch Powder Blush 



Hi everyone, it's Sharon J here and today we're going to do a Valentine's Day makeup tutorial. We're going to create a romantic and glamorous look that's perfect for a date night with your significant other or a night out with your friends. However, remember that Valentine's Day is not only for couples. It's a day to celebrate love and can be celebrated with your mom, siblings, kids, or even just by yourself. This look will make you feel confident, beautiful, and ready to spread some love no matter who you're spending Valentine's Day with.

To get started, I've applied a light layer of foundation and filled in my eyebrows a bit. Now, let's move on to the Subtle Stack. First, I'm going to use the bronzer in shade espresso to give my face a bronzed look. I'll apply it to my cheekbones, forehead, nose, jaw area, and bring it up to my forehead. Then, I'll contour my nose by bringing it into the eyebrow bone to add some dimension and apply a bit under my cheekbones.

Next, we'll apply the bronzer under our cheekbones and a bit on top for added definition. Now that we're done with the bronzer, let's move on to blush. We'll start with a red blush base in the shade Riveting Red.  After that, we'll apply a pink powder blush on top of our concealer for a pop of color. Red is always a classic choice for blush, and I can never get enough of it.

Sometimes I get nervous that I'll apply too much blush and won't be able to fix it, but I never mess up. I'll blend the blush out with my finger, bringing it all the way in since the concealer will cover it. I'll even add a bit to the tip of my nose. Next, it's time for some concealer in the shade "Peri Look." My fingers are a bit red from the blush, but I usually use them to apply concealer. This time, I'll use a brush instead. I'll apply the concealer in a V-shape under my eyes and on the side of my contour. I like that the red blush gives my concealer a pink undertone, which I find flattering. I'll blend it out with my finger, making sure all the lines are blended.

Don't forget to apply concealer to the tip and bridge of your nose as well. I really like how this looks so far. Let's add some concealer under our eyes and blend it out with our finger, always going down. Use the brush to blend where needed. I'll apply another layer of concealer under my eyes to make them a bit brighter. Sometimes you need to apply multiple layers to achieve the desired look. Now it's time for some shine control powder. We're almost done, so we'll apply powder to wherever we applied concealer: under our eyes, forehead, nose, chin, and under our cheekbones.

Check out what I just got in the mail! I'm excited to add these to my makeup collection. The package includes the lip and cheek in "perfectly pink", the windowless eyeshadow duo, and the powder blush in "pink and a pinch". In this makeup tutorial, we'll be using all three. Let's start with the "perfectly pink" lip and cheek for some blush. I'm curious to see how this shade looks on my skin. This is how it looks on my finger. I'll apply it lightly since I already have enough blush on one side. I'll blend it out, and it adds a lovely pink hue to my concealer and blush. I wasn't sure if it would show up on my brown skin, but I can see it, and it looks great! Now, let's add some highlighter in the shade Champagne.

Wow, this highlighter is really bright! I love adding it to the top of my lip for a summery look, no matter the season. Cream products are my go-to for my face, except for powder blush. I prefer cream highlighter over powder highlighter, and I like to apply it to my cheekbones with little dots. On this side, I also bring it inside my brow bone and a bit on top of my eyebrow. To finish it off, I'll add some cream highlighter to my chin and forehead.

I'll use my bronzer to create a subtle under-eye liner. Oh, I almost forgot to add highlighter to my brow bone. This technique helps prevent your under-eyes from looking too washed out after applying concealer repeatedly. I usually prefer doing eyeshadow first, but I always end up doing it last. Let's start with the brown color in the Sunset eyeshadow duo. Now, we'll use the Jelly eyeshadow duo and apply the lighter pink shade on the inner corner and blend it outwards.

Let's use the eyeshadow duo in Wanderlust  for this next look. I'm really excited to try out this new shade from the palette. We'll start with the darker pink on the outer corner, blending it inwards. Then, we'll use the lightest pink shade on the inner corners. I think some shimmer would really complete the look, so I'll add a bit from the Jelly Eyeshadow Duo to the front of my eyes for some extra pop.

Wow, this looks really cute! I love the pink eyeshadow, but adding some false lashes will take the look to the next level. I'm also going to apply some highlighter to my inner corners to make my eyes pop even more. Now that my eye makeup is done, I sprayed some setting spray to make sure it lasts all day and night. Moving on to lips, I'll use bronzer or a brown lip liner to line my lips before applying the perfectly pink lip and cheek product. This combination will create a pretty pink and brown look. However, since it's Valentine's Day, should we try a red lip? Let's see how it looks. If I don't like it, I can always take it off. Personally, I think the pink looks cuter, but what do you think? I'll take off the red and try the dusty rose shade, which has a hint of red in it. Let's see how that looks on me.

I think this look is pretty, but I want to add some pink on top. Let me grab the Perfectly Pink Lip and Cheek again. I'm really experimenting with lip combos here. The pink suits me much better than the red. Maybe I could use a bit more blush. I'll add some Pink in a Pinch. Even though I already sprayed my face, I'm not afraid to go back in with more makeup. Makeup is all about expressing yourself the way you want to. If something feels missing, don't be afraid to add it. That's better. I love blush. This is my finished Valentine's Day look. It's beautiful, romantic, and glamorous. I'm ready for a date! It's definitely giving off Valentine's Day vibes. I hope you all have an amazing and sweet Valentine's Day. Remember, it's about love, so spread lots of love and joy no matter what you do or who you're with. Bye, guys!

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