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Beyonce's ICONIC Dubai Look Using ONLY The Subtl Makeup Stack

Hi everyone! Sharon Jayy is back with ANOTHER iconic look using only the Subtl Makeup Stack.

This time, she's recreating Beyonce's iconic Dubai look!

Products used:
Eyeshadow Duo in Bon Voyage
Eyeshadow Duo in Feeling First Class
Cream Concealer in Perry
Shine Control Powder
Blush in Daytrip at Dawn
Lip & Cheek in Mauve
Lip & Cheek in Dusty Rose


Hello everyone! And welcome back to the Subt Beauty YouTube channel.

I was blown away by Beyonce's performance in Dubai, and it seems like the rest of the world was too. Her performance has been the talk of the town, so I decided to recreate her makeup look for all of you. She looked absolutely stunning and flawless, as always.

So — I'm going to show you step-by-step how to recreate her look. First, I have already primed my face and applied moisturizer. Beyonce's makeup look in this performance was super light and natural, so I'll be keeping everything in this tutorial light as well. I used a brush to apply a thin layer of foundation, making sure it's evenly applied, and now I'm moving on to doing my eyebrows.

I'm now doing my usual eyebrow routine, which involves filling them in a little and cleaning them up with concealer underneath, but not on top. Occasionally, I clean them up a bit on the top, but just a little. Nowadays, shaping your eyebrows completely is not necessary. Usually, I do my eyeshadow last, but this time, I remembered to do it first. Based on the clear pictures I found of Beyonce's performance, it appears that she has a brown and gold shiny eyeshadow look. So, I'm going to try to recreate that using my Subtl eyeshadows. I'll be using the dark brown eyeshadow from the Bon Voyage duo and keeping it simple while attempting to make it look as close to Beyonce's as possible.

I'm going to apply some brown eyeshadow on my lid, just like this. Beyonce's eyeshadow look was really simple, with a dark brown base and some gold shimmer shadow. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself earlier. My name is Sharon J, and I just remembered that in the movie "Obsessed" with Idris Elba and Beyonce', her character's name was Sharon too. Anyway, I'm now going to use another eyeshadow duo and apply the shiny gold color to my lids. This looks super perfect, but I'll just touch it up with the same brush I used before.

Cleaning up the edges of my eyeshadow with concealer makes a big difference, but I think it looks pretty good for now. Next, I'll use my Shade Perry concealer with a brush to line it up and add more precision. It just looks so much better when you clean up your eyes with concealer. Now that my concealer is on, I'll apply some bronzer using my brush on my cheekbones. Beyonce didn't have heavy makeup on her face; it was very light. So, I'm going to ensure that everything is evenly blended out and very light. To blend my bronzer, I prefer to use a beauty blender.

Before I move on, I'll contour my nose a little. Then, I'll use a beauty blender to blend in my concealer and get it nicely settled. I'll add a little bit more concealer, but not too much, just on the tip of my nose and bridge. I'll blend it in with my beauty blender and move on to the shine control powder. I'll apply it under my eyes and on the sides and tip of my nose, and a little bit down here. Next up is blush - I'm using Day Trip at Dawn, which is a mix of pink and red. I don't want to apply too much, just a little bit for a subtle look. Oops, I think I might have put on a bit too much.

I love blush, so it's hard for me to use just a little bit. Let's add some highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes and a little bit on my nose. I'll also apply some on my brow bone. After looking at Beyonce's picture again, I noticed she has bronzer on her forehead. I'll add a little bit there and on the top of my face. Now, let's apply some dark eyeshadow under our lower lash line using a different brush for more precision.

Now, it's time to put on some lashes. Yay! It was a bit challenging to match Beyonce's lashes. Her lashes are shorter and have less volume, but these will work. Moving on to the lips, I'll use my bronzer to line them a little bit. I'll keep it light. For the lips, I'll use my favorite lip and cheek product, Mauve, and I'm actually going to mix it with the Dusty Rose to get the right shade.

I wanted to get the color that Beyonce was wearing, so I added a bit more Dusty Rose and used brown liner around my lips again and worked my way up to the final color. This is the finished look, and I think I look like Beyonce. I might have to be careful when I go outside because people might mistake me for her. If I had the crown and the earrings she wore, it would be perfect. So there it is, guys, the Beyonce Dubai performance makeup look. I hope I helped you recreate it. Don't forget to tag us on social media with your beautiful faces and creations. Thank you for joining us, and we will see you in the next tutorial. Bye!

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