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Travel Makeup Bag: Essentials Checklist for Traveling in Style

Travel Makeup Bag: Essentials Checklist for Traveling in Style

We all look forward to our one or two weeks of vacation every year. It's a great time to jet-set and explore all the wonderful places the world has to offer. You can wander new cities, meet new friends, and discover new cultures you never knew existed.

And when you travel on these great adventures, you want to feel confident in the fact that you are 100% prepared for your trip. Nothing is worse than the nagging feeling that you forgot something on your way to the airport or train station, especially when you arrive, and it turns out that feeling was right. 

While you may not have forgotten something that will make or break your trip, like your wallet or your phone, not having things planned to use, like your CC cream or oil-control translucent powder, can still make a big difference.

To prevent this from happening, it's crucial to make sure your cosmetic bag or makeup organizer is properly stocked and packed. During your trips, your makeup case should be working for you in more than one way. You’ll benefit from an efficient and organized cosmetic case or toiletry bag, sure, but your makeup also plays a role. It should also tackle multiple needs in one step, keep your bag clean, and overall be easy to deal with. 

Read on to learn how to travel in style and always have your essentials for makeup (and everything else).

Stay Organized

The whole point of stylish travel is to look cool, chic, and effortlessly put together. That starts with keeping your bag tidy and organized for a seamless experience. 

There are a few substantial items you should pack in your personal item, rather than your carry-on bag or stowed luggage for TSA and practicality's sake. You might use anything from a small purse to a drawstring bag or train case, but the important thing is that you keep the following items with you. 

  • Electronics and their corresponding chargers
  • A wallet containing ID, passport, cash, and any debit or credit cards
  • Snacks 
  • Entertainment items for while you travel like books, notebooks, and headphones
  • Toiletries, beauty products, and anything else that you would put in your beauty bag that you can’t live without

Keeping these items on you, along with any other valuables, will be a lifesaver if your travel plans hit a snag. You can even put them in small travel pouches within your bag to keep each set of things separate.

Stick to the List

Keeping to this basic checklist eliminates unnecessary clutter and bulk and makes it easier for you to get to something when you need it. 

You'll want to avoid packing these essentials in your carry-on luggage as it won't always be easy or safe to access in the overhead bins mid-flight. Even if you aren't on a plane, pulling over on the side of the freeway to rummage through your belongings in your carefully packed luggage isn’t exactly convenient or ideal.

Keeping your travel-size essentials in that one bag and staying minimalist gives you easy access to what you need to be fresh when landing and keep your devices charged. It may sound like a lot, but usually, these smaller items that easily fit into your backpack, favorite monogram tote bag, or a smaller-sized duffel bag with some zipper pockets.

To keep your makeup from getting lost in your bag, it's good to keep it separated somehow. If possible, keep it out of the main compartment and put it in one of the smaller sections of your bag. You can also keep your makeup within its own quited toiletry bag or vanity case to keep it from getting jostled around.

Be Prepared for Lost Luggage

When discussing travel, the words “spacious” and “comfortable” are often not applicable. With seat sizes shrinking, leg space diminishing, and uncontrollable delays imminent, it's a good idea to think ahead and plan for the worst-case scenario no matter what.

A delay, cancellation, or rerouted flight due to weather could happen at a moment's notice. There's also the ever-present danger of lost luggage. Think ahead of this possibility, and always make sure you take your valuables, essential toiletries, and an extra change of clothes with you in your carry-on or personal travel bag. 

If this is a long-haul trip and you've got larger bottles of shampoo or shaving cream in your checked bag, it's not the end of the world. If you do have to unexpectedly check into a hotel for a night, they'll often provide basic necessities and may even have razors at the front desk.

However, you'll want to keep your skincare routine and some basic cosmetics on your person in case the rest of your luggage doesn't arrive at the same time you do. That way, you can still maintain your appearance with your water-resistant mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and Lip Balm while you wait for your bag to catch up with you. 

Our Makeup Stacks are ideal for keeping all your makeup essentials close by. Our Starter Stack includes everything you need to reapply your face. You can just grab your favorite makeup brush, touch up your look, and get back to enjoying your getaway.

Travel Makeup Essentials for Any Situation

Keeping a clean change of clothes and something you could sleep in in your bag could also be one of the best decisions you ever make while traveling. Trust us; even if you do sleep in a hotel bathrobe for the night, you won't want to put on the same pair of clothes you wore while traveling the day before. 

Speaking of clean clothes, unless you are traveling for work and have to head off to a meeting immediately after you've arrived, wear comfortable clothing. Keep your spare change of clothes basic, and keep it simple. Don't weigh your carry-on bag down with unnecessary accessories, extra jewelry, and other things you won't need right away. 

Just as you'd want to stay clean with fresh clothes, you'll also want to keep your skin clean and refreshed with a few packed essentials. Have these items tucked away in your personal bag or carry-on bag so you'll have them with you in any circumstances.

  • Micellar water wipes
  • Eye makeup remover (eye makeup can be difficult to remove gently, so this can help ensure you don't apply too much pressure to your eye area)
  • Cotton balls or cotton pads
  • Hydrating mist (adds a layer of protection to your skin in changing environments)
  • Moisturizer

Other Travel Necessities

Traveling, even if you're confined to the comfort of your own vehicle, can be messy. If you're taking the train or an airplane, you might also add vaguely unsanitary to your description. Here are a few extra items you should keep in your travel toiletry bag or makeup pouch to stay clean and get rid of germs.

  • A mini pack of antibacterial wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A disposable mini toothbrush
  • A mini mouth rinse
  • Deodorant

Studies have shown you may be 100 times more likely to catch a cold after flying on an airplane than you are to catch one while on the ground, thanks to the constant stream of recycled air. Luckily, if you feel clean, are doing what you can to protect yourself from germs, and feel refreshed, you'll look a little more rejuvenated while traveling.

A Simple, Sanitary Beauty Routine

Staying clean also makes it easier to touch up your face when on the go. With some face wipes and a little bit of moisturizer, you can avoid dehydrating your skin at 30,000 feet and apply a full face within just a few minutes.

Tones by Subtl Beauty is our simplest cosmetic makeup trio to take you to transform your look conveniently wherever you choose. Creamy Concealer covers up dark circles, Bronzer brings color to the high points of your face, and Lip and Cheek brings a radiant flush to cheekbones and moisturizes the lips. You can top it off with a coat of lip gloss or let it work its magic all on its own.

This simple trio can be applied in less than three minutes and takes up only one or two inches of space in your travel cosmetic bag.

Subtl Beauty Has All Your Travel Makeup Essentials

Our Makeup Stacks account for all the essential steps in any makeup routine while taking up as little space as possible.

Don't let our size fool you, though — each one of our pans carries enough products to last for at least 60 applications, with Lip and Cheek containing enough for up to 80 applications. How’s that for saving space in your travel organizer?

The luscious tecture of our concealer ensures that it spreads easily — and can also double as a foundation in a pinch. Our bronzer and blush can add a bit of life back into your jet-lagged skin and can even create a flattering eyeshadow palette replacement if you absolutely need them to. The options really are endless, limited only by your creativity and what you want to do with this travel kit.

The biggest secret to looking stylish when traveling is to maintain that calm, cool, and collected aura. With all your essentials on hand, an organized bag, and handy items packed away, you can leave your huge, difficult, bursting-at-the-seams bags at home. 

Five minutes before your flight starts to descend, pull out your Subtle Beauty Makeup Stack to hide away any evidence of sallow skin, dark circles, and dehydrated lips. Within a few minutes, you can bring your face back from the dead and proceed onward stylishly — and effortlessly.

FAQ: can you bring a razor in carry on?

Here's the answer right from the TSA: There’s confusion out there as to what we—the TSA—accept with regards to Razors and your carry-on baggage. 

  • Safety Razors: Because the razor blades are easy to remove, safety razors are not permitted in your carry-on luggage. They’re fine to pack in your carry-on without the blade, though. The blades must be stored in your checked luggage. The same applies for straight razors.
  • Disposable Razors: Disposable razors come in two types. The kind that is completely disposable (handle and all), or the kind where you replace them with cartridges. These are permissible in carry-on luggage with the blade and replacement cartridges.
  • Electric Razors: Electric razors are permitted in both checked and carry-on bags.     



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