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Easy Travel Makeup Tutorial

Pauline is back to show us this quick and easy travel makeup tutorial. Trips and vacations are in full swing! While you may board the plane fresh-faced without any makeup, once you land at your destination, you could be out and about for the full day. The look Pauline creates can be done in minutes before deboarding a plane and will keep you looking fresh throughout the day!

Products used:

Lip and Cheek 

My Travel Makeup Routine: Prepping Skin and Achieving a Post-Flight Glow

Hey everyone, it's Pauline from Zilch Beauty, and I'm excited to share my travel makeup routine with you today. As a certified makeup artist, I understand the importance of a quick and practical look for those moments when you're either waiting for your flight to deplane or need to freshen up after landing. So, let's dive right into it!

Skincare Prep: Hydrating for the Flight

First things first, when it comes to skincare and makeup during a flight, my biggest tip is to skip the makeup altogether. Trust me, it's not worth it. Instead, focus on prepping your skin to ensure a smooth and radiant canvas for your makeup once you reach your destination.

Start by washing your face and following up with a simple hydrating routine. Hydration is key, especially before flying. I recommend spritzing your face with a hydrating toner or mist like rose water or a hyaluronic acid mist. These will work wonders in replenishing moisture. Don't forget to apply a hyaluronic acid serum and layer up with moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, the dry air in airplanes can strip away natural moisture, so double up on moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

Sun Protection at High Altitudes

Now, here's something you might not have considered: wearing SPF during your flight. Think about it—the sun is closer to you while you're up in the air. To protect my skin, I opt for an SPF product that also acts as a makeup base. Personally, I love using Supergoop Glow Screen because it gives a beautiful tint and leaves my skin looking fresh and glowing. Of course, don't forget to complete your skincare routine, including SPF, before applying this product.

Freshening Up After Landing

Once you've landed and it's time to freshen up, start by hydrating your skin with water. If you have a hydrating rosewater mist, it's the perfect time to reapply it for an extra burst of moisture. Now, let's move on to the makeup application.

I reach for my Arlington (now shade 005C) concealer from Subtl and apply it only where I need it—under my eyes, around my nose, and on any blemishes. Using the subtl stak buffing pad, I blend the concealer seamlessly into my skin. The buffing process not only ensures a natural finish but also helps press any remaining hydrating mist into my pores, providing a quick boost of hydration post-flight.

If you prefer a more matte finish or want to control shine, you can lightly dust some Shine Control Powder underneath your eyes. This step is especially useful if you're traveling to a warm destination where you might start sweating. For the rest of my face, I like to keep a healthy, dewy glow.

To add a touch of color and freshness, I reach for the Lip and Cheek product. It's a versatile shade that gives a sun-kissed glow, perfect for the summer. I apply it to my cheeks for a subtle blush and even blend a bit into my hairline to mimic the natural warmth the sun gives to our skin.

To enhance the glow, I sweep a little bit of Highlighter on the high points of my face—the cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. If I want an extra awake and radiant look, I sometimes apply a small amount to my eyelids as well.

To complete the look, I curl my lashes to give them a lift. After that, I opt for a brown/black mascara for a more natural and fresh appearance. Finally, I lightly groom my brows without filling them in, keeping the focus on the overall natural look.

Travel Makeup Essentials

In this routine, I only used three products from subtl stak: Concealer, Lip and Cheek, and Highlighter. These versatile products, combined with a touch of mascara and groomed brows, create a stunning post-flight makeup look.

By following these hydrating skincare tips and a simple makeup routine, you can achieve a fresh and radiant post-flight look. Embrace that "I just woke up like this" glow and get ready to explore your destination in style.

I hope these tips and tricks help you create a travel makeup routine that's both practical and beautiful. Remember to prioritize skincare and hydration during your flight, and choose makeup products that enhance your natural glow. Stay tuned for more beauty videos coming your way soon. Safe travels, everyone!

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