Easy Travel Makeup Tutorial

October 24, 2022 5 min read

 Pauline is back to show us this quick and easy travel makeup tutorial. Trips and vacations are in full swing! While you may board the plane fresh-faced without any makeup, once you land at your destination, you could be out and about for the full day. The look Pauline creates can be done in minutes before deboarding a plane and will keep you looking fresh throughout the day!

Products used:
Concealer - Arlington
Lip and Cheek - Perfectly Pink
Highlighter - Rosé


Hey everyone! It's Pauline from Zilch Beauty, Certified Makeup Artist, and we're back with a super practical video. Travel is back, so we wanted to show you today a quick little travel makeup look that basically you could do super quickly either like waiting for your flight to deplane while everyone gets off, or just something you could do quickly in a bathroom once you land at your airport and be out and ready to go by the time your bag hits the baggage claim. 

Okay, so I think the biggest tip I have for face care skincare makeup while flying is skip the makeup for the flight. It's just not worth it. What I will recommend is making sure that you do some skincare prep ahead of time to help this process along once you're ready to actually put your makeup on when you land.

First thing would be to obviously wash your face, go through a very simple hydrating routine. I think the biggest key is to make sure that your face is hydrated before you fly. So spritzing yourself with a hydrating toner or mist like a rose water or some sort of hyaluronic acid mist would be amazing, using a hyaluronic acid serum, and then really doubling up on your moisturizer. Even if you're oily, putting an extra layer of moisturizer on before you get on the plane is going to be key because air pressure in the airplanes gets real dry real quick and takes from your skin, believe it or not. So you wanna make sure that that natural moisture from your skin is locked in with a double layer of moisturizer. 

And then from there, I always recommend wearing an SPF, especially while you're riding on an airplane because if you think about it, here's the sun, here's the ground on the airplane. You're closer to the sun and the plane than you are on the ground. Bet you never thought about that! So wearing your SPF and making sure that it is applied all over is key. So I'm gonna use something that actually can kind of act like a base for that makeup that you'll do when you land as well. I like using the Supergoop Glow Screen. You can use whatever SPF you have, but I just like this one because it has a little bit of a tint to it. And it just leaves my skin feeling glowy and fresh. I should note that I did my skin care routine up until my SPF prior to applying this, but as you can see, this is a really pretty glowy base and I feel confident that I'm protected by the glow screen. 

So once I land, I'm really not trying to do a full glam session per se, but I might be a little tired from the plane, might be a little dry. So I want to bring some moisture back to my face. So this is when you would want to make sure that you're hydrating with some water. If you have a hydrating rosewater mist like I mentioned before, this is a great time to reapply it. It's gonna just bring some of that moisture back to the face and then we can go in and start to apply some makeup. 

So from my stack, I'm gonna go in and grab my Arlington concealer. I'm really only going to apply this to places that I need it. For me, that's typically right under my eyes as well as around my nose, maybe a little bit in the middle of my forehead here. And then if I have any little blemishes, I will add that on top. I love blending out with the Subtl Beauty buffing pad and you can just kind of press this into the skin. So not only will this buff out your makeup, but it's also gonna press that— if you use like a hydrating mist—it’s gonna push that into the skin as well to really get it into the pores and give you that hydration back quickly after your flight.

So from here, it's totally up to you. If you feel like you are a little too maybe shiny or glowy, you can always go in with that Shine Control Powder and just add a little bit underneath your eyes. I think this is definitely helps set concealer, especially if you're going somewhere warm where you might start sweating. I do like to put a little bit just in these small areas, but I like to keep the rest of my face pretty glowy. 

From there, I'm only gonna do a couple more steps. I'm gonna go in with Perfectly Pink Lip and Cheek. I'm just gonna warm this up on the back of my hand. I love this shade for summer. It's just really bright and fresh and just gives you that little pop of like sun kissed glow that you might want. I might put a little bit just over my noses here to give that illusion of sun kissed look. And then I'm not gonna go in with any contour today, so I will also sometimes just bring that blush up into my hairline to give just a little bit of coloring since we do get that naturally when the sun hits us.

Obviously it's Lip and Cheek so you can go in and just apply a little bit to the lips as well as your cheeks—that soft little lip tint there. 

From here, I'm just gonna throw on a little bit of my Rosé Highlighter. I like this one. It's got a little bit of a pink little shimmer. This is just gonna add a little bit of that shine back to the face, especially if you powdered. And I'm only putting this on the high points, which will be right here on my cheekbones and right on top of my nose. If you want, you can add a little bit on your eyes just to give you that like awake, glowy vibe. 

I think this looks really natural and really pretty. Again, we just came off a plane. We're not trying to be too glam. So I'm gonna go ahead and curl my lashes. If you were asleep on a plane, maybe you were wearing a little bit of an eye mask, maybe your lashes are a little wonky in their shape. So I do like to just curl my lashes to kind of give them a little bit of something back. And then I like to go in for a more, more like natural fresh look with a brown/black mascara. So I'm using just a brown/black and I'm gonna just get that right on top of my lashes for just a quick little lift. And here I'll just go and buff out my brows. I'm not even really gonna fill them in.

But just like that you used three products from Subtl. You had the Concealer, the Lip and Cheek, and the Highlighter. I threw on a little bit of mascara and just groomed my brows out. And then you have hydrating skin care tips to help bring that moisture and hydration back to your face for that “I just woke up like this” glow for wherever your destination is. So I hope you guys are traveling safe and hope these tips helped and we'll be back with more videos soon. Bye everyone!

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