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    Easy Fall Wedding Makeup Tutorial Using Plum and Peach

    October 27, 2022 7 min read

    Niara is here today to show you how she gets ready for a Fall wedding! The star of this look? Everybody's favorite, Plum, paired with a few products from our new Peach Collection. This unexpected pair looks absolutely stunning on her, so follow along!

    Products Used

    Plum Lip and Cheek
    Blossom Bound Powder Blush
    Dune Eyeshadow Duo
    Barely Peach Eyeshadow Duo
    Peach Fizz Highlighter
    Cocoa Bronzer
    Shine Control Powder
    Lip Balm



    Hey guys. So today in this video I'm gonna be showing you how I use my favorite Subtl Lip and Cheek shade, Plum, to get this really pretty warm fall wedding look. I've been seeing a lot more fall weddings happening ever since everything is back and running from Covid. A lot more people are getting married right now and if that's one of your friends or relatives, you're gonna wanna watch this video just to see how you can get this really pretty look. And also I’m gonna be sharing with you my little stack that I would be taking with me if I were going to a wedding to help me touch up. Because look, we know weddings are long events so you're gonna need to touch up at some point and having this little portable stack is so easy and convenient and it will fit in a little tiny clutch. Let's get into the tutorial.

    I feel like every time I've ever been in a wedding or I was helping like a family member get ready for their wedding, you always see at least like two or three little ladies like walking around with their hair pinned up like this. So we have all of our cream products on. Weddings are typically a longer event, especially if you're going to the ceremony and the reception, it's gonna be a longer event. So I feel like the best way to go about fall wedding makeup, really any wedding makeup, is to make sure you apply all your cream products first and then set them all with a powder product. This is just gonna make sure that your foundation, your base, everything is lasting all throughout because you also have to remember it's a wedding, everybody's gonna have their phone out, everybody's gonna be taking pictures, all the selfies are gonna be happening.You don't wanna be that one that's showing up on camera looking suspect. Had it happened to me before, I regret it now every time I go to a wedding, I'm done up. 

    Okay, so we have blended out our base foundation concealer, cream contour. This is a time where I like to add on my blush. So we're using the Plum shade of the Lip and Cheek and I'm just taking a small little brush here. This is a really nice deep berry color for the fall time because you might not wanna have a bright pink on or anything like that. Now one thing I will say, I feel like this is true for like makeup for the camera, you kind of wanna overdo it a little bit on the blush just so that it shows up. And then also so that it lasts a little bit longer throughout the day.

    Don't worry if it just looks a little bit scary at first. We're gonna put a setting powder and all that stuff on top of it, which is gonna help it calm down a bit. And we're also gonna set this with a powder blush and I'll show you guys some that I think like pairs well with it. You're gonna wanna put a little bit more on than you usually would, more than if you were just you know, going to work or something like that. You want this to last and you want it to show up. Now we can go ahead and set.

    So I've set my face with a loose powder now. Blush, contour, foundation, concealer, all of that has been set. So now you can go in with your powder products to further set everything to make sure everything lasts all day. Once trick that I like to do, especially if you get a little bit oily throughout the day, after I've set my under eyes with the loose powder, I like to go in with a pressed powder. So you can use the Shine Control Powder for this and just add another layer of powder underneath. The good thing about this powder is it's not like chalky or cakey or anything. It's very thin and and it just gives you a little extra layer of insurance. So now I wanna put on some more blush and I'm gonna be using Blossom Bound. It has some purple-y notes to it that pair well with the Plum cream that I put down.And I'm just gonna put that right on top, you know, mix that color a little bit, but it's also just gonna make sure it stays set all day. If you didn't know, blush is like the quickest fading product. 

    And now I'm gonna move on to eyeshadow. So I'm just gonna do like a pretty neutral matte eye, a little bit of a smokey eye. So I'm using two duos here today. This is the Dune Duo and then this is the new Barely Peach Duo, which is very nice. So I'm gonna be using the matte shades and both of these cuz it's like a dark brown and a light brown that I'm gonna put on the lids. Like I said, I'm just gonna be doing like a very light, sort of like a smoky eye, but it's not gonna be that intense at all because this is a fall wedding. You don't need to be worried about like if your makeup looks too dark or anything. And I love a classic smoky eye for weddings. 

    I almost forgot. Same way that I set my blush. I need to do the same for my bronzer just to make sure it doesn't look crazy or anything and that it lasts as well. So I'm just using the Cocoa Bronzer. Same place where I put my cream bronzer. I'm gonna do a little bit around my forehead too. Okay, you want everything to be set. You're gonna be at this wedding for a long time. Well, that’s if you like the people at the wedding…

    So our eyes are finished. I did add a pair of false lashes, totally optional. I want it to be seen. I'm putting in this work. I want you to be able to see what I'm doing here. So now we're gonna do a little bit of highlight. I've been obsessed with everything from the Peach Collection recently, so I'm using the Peach Fizz Highlighter. I love this on my nose. I just feel like it looks so nice. It's like a nice warm golden little highlight. It's not too much. And contrary to what you might think, I feel like it looks nice with the plum and you might think that they might be clashing but I feel like they look good. And the highlight, I don't think you need too much. Especially like if you have more textured skin on your cheeks, I might shy away from it cuz that highlight is just gonna bring more attention to that.

    Moving on to our lips, if you want to line your lips, I feel like a dark brown or even a dark wine color would go really nice with the Plum. And if you want a full on intense look, I would say start with dry lips. So I have like a little bit of Lip Balm on here and use a lip brush. You can get a very nice deep, full lip, but I like my lips to be like a little bit more sheer, a little bit more glossy. So I'm just taking a little bit of the plum on my finger and I'm just gonna pat it on. Just to add like a little berry effect, I usually go for like a very pinky nude lip. Plum is very appropriate for a fall wedding. 

    So I told you guys, I was gonna tell you what I would take with me like a little mini stack to keep in your clutch. Let's make mine right now. First and foremost, I'm taking this shine control powder with me because anytime I need to touch up, I feel like I'm getting a little bit oily. I'm also gonna take a lip balm with me. This is the vanilla mint. Let's be honest with ourselves. You're gonna have a couple of drinks and your lipstick is gonna come off, your lips are gonna get a little dry, so take some lip balm with you. And then I'm also gonna take the Plum Lip and Cheek that I was using today so I can use that to touch up my color. Put the lip balm on top to add a little gloss, a little shine.

    And I'm also gonna take a highlighter with me just because I feel like that would be an easy way for you to like touch up your makeup really quickly. But make sure you have the bottom where it has like the little applicator. You're gonna need that for all your little stuff that you're touching up. Look, this is a compact. This is just powder. So I have this and it has four different products in here. I can easily just throw this into whatever little bag. I hope that was helpful. If you guys enjoyed this video today, please be sure to check out the rest of Subtl Beauty’s content. They have so many helpful, useful tutorials for beginners. Thank you guys so much for watching and hopefully I'll see you next time!

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