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Easy Fall Wedding Makeup Tutorial Using Plum and Peach

Niara is here today to show you how she gets ready for a Fall wedding! The star of this look? Everybody's favorite, Plum, paired with a few products from our new Peach Collection. This unexpected pair looks absolutely stunning on her, so follow along!

Products Used

Plum Lip and Cheek
Blossom Bound Powder Blush
Dune Eyeshadow Duo
Barely Peach Eyeshadow Duo
Peach Fizz Highlighter
Cocoa Bronzer
Shine Control Powder
Lip Balm



Creating a Fall Wedding Guest Makeup Look

In today's video, I'm going to show you how to achieve a warm, fall wedding look using my favorite Subtl Lip and Cheek shade in Plum. If you have a friend or relative who is getting married, you'll want to watch this video to see how you can create this pretty look.

Applying Cream Products for a Long-Lasting Look

First, I apply all of my cream products, including my foundation and concealer, because weddings are usually longer events and you want your makeup to last. It's also important to remember that everyone will have their phones out and be taking pictures, so you don't want to show up on camera looking suspect.

Using Plum Lip and Cheek Shade for a Warm, Fall Look

After blending out my base, I like to add blush. I'm using the Plum shade of the Lip and Cheek and applying it with a small brush. This is a nice deep berry color for the fall, but if you don't want a bright pink, you can try this. Keep in mind that for makeup for the camera, you should overdo it a little on the blush so that it shows up and lasts longer throughout the day.

Adding Extra Powder for Oiliness Prevention

After applying the blush, I set it with a loose powder to make sure everything lasts all day. I also like to add an extra layer of powder underneath my eyes to prevent oiliness. After setting my face, I add more blush using the Blossom Bound shade, which has some purple tones that pair well with the Plum cream.

Touching Up Throughout the Wedding with a Portable Stack

To touch up during the wedding, I bring a small stack of products with me, including a powder to set my face, a pressed powder for extra insurance, blush, and a compact mirror. This is easy to carry in a small clutch and will help you touch up throughout the event.

Finishing the Look with Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Mascara

Next, I move on to eyeshadow, using a neutral shade and adding a pop of color in the crease. For eyeliner, I tightline my upper waterline and add a winged liner on my upper lash line. I finish the look with mascara and eyebrows. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful for your own fall wedding look.

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