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Travel-Size Makeup Kits: Stunning Portability

Travel-Size Makeup Kits: Stunning Portability

No one wants to deal with dragging tons of makeup with them everywhere they go. It’s just a hassle and so time consuming. 

At Subtl Beauty, we believe there are easier ways to bring your essentials along with you. Allow us to introduce you to our stunningly portable Makeup Stacks. 

Travel-Size Isn’t Really Travel-Size at All

How many times have you gone into a cosmetic store to pick up a few mini versions of your favorite products — only to get home and discover they won’t fit where you need them to? 

For too long, we’ve been victims of setting sprays with nozzles larger than the actual bottle, clunky foundation components, and not-so-compact makeup compacts. 

We’ve purchased travel-sized cosmetics to take abroad with us only to discover they won’t fit into TSA-approved bags. In the end, we wind up leaving them at home and purchasing a last-minute alternative once we arrive at our destination. 

We have suffered from busted zippers and clasps, thanks to trying to fit a few more basics into a handbag. 

Not only does our game-changing Makeup Stack give you everything you need to stay stunning throughout the day, but it also makes it beyond simple to bring your whole routine along with you, wherever you may be going. 

Customizable Stacks can include all eight of our super convenient products in multiple shades — or even just two or three basic essentials. Whether you grab a premade Stack or decide to customize your own, each component seamlessly twists together. That way, you can easily keep your whole routine on your vanity or throw it in your bag when it’s time to head out the door.

The Price Is Not Right

It’s time to stop falling victim to overpriced miniature travel-size makeup because of the “convenience factor.” 

The days of paying an exorbitantly high price per ounce on a smaller-sized travel product are over! After using face washes that last less than five days, mascaras that dry up immediately, hilariously small lip glosses, and cans holding only enough product to power one blowout, we’ve heard your cries and come to the rescue.

Why Do Some Travel-Sized Products Cost More?

When you look specifically at travel-size items (or anything in a smaller size in general), the price per ounce will be higher. Buying in bulk? Your price per ounce may be a fraction of what miniature sizes are. 

This concept is what allows us to buy such large cases of Diet Coke, cleaning supplies, or cheap wine at Costco. The same policy, unfortunately, goes for the beauty industry: making travel-size products cost a little bit more in the long run — but not with us. 

Each one of your Stack’s components has enough product for 60 applications. The Lip and Cheek Tint even has enough for up to 80 applications, and we’re not making you pay crazy prices. 

Not only is a Subtl Beauty Makeup Stack stunningly portable and great when on the go, but there is also no additional markup for how easy it is to travel with. 

A Lot of These Travel “Makeup Kits” Aren’t Actually Kits

Our often-imitated, never duplicated concept has been a game-changer for travelers, minimalists, and those just starting to use makeup. It was the first of its kind on the market.

Other companies have tried to make similar items, but they just can’t be customized the way ours can. Other makeup “kits” are clunky, take up too much space, don’t really go together, and sometimes include a very random product selection.

Sometimes the products included are just a bit off. You might get a highlighter, mascara, bold lipstick, and liquid eyeliner, for example. These items are fun, but they don’t exactly cover your basics. Skin is in, and the best kit will compliment your features and play up your natural qualities instead.

Why Is a Makeup Kit So Good for Travel?

So, why a kit? Well, when you purchase the right travel makeup kit, you should know for sure that all the products will play nice together. They’ll layer, blend well together, and save you from any unfortunate pilling. 

The same can’t always be said for throwing a bunch of random travel-size products in a bag, and it’s certainly not as convenient. Have you heard enemies being described as mixing together like oil and water? The same is true here. Sometimes, mixing is not a good idea — literally. 

Not all makeup products are created equally. Some products are oil-based, while others are water or silicon-based. One’s not better than the other; they’re just different. 

Unfortunately, they don’t always go well together. Conflicting base ingredients can cause your makeup products to crease, separate, fade away faster than normal, and work against each other. 

Mismatched Makeup Combos

Many retailers will put together seemingly convenient bags containing a few best-selling products from various brands, but these products may or may not work well together — that means they’re a risky move for your travel bag. It makes more sense to buy a travel kit with products all from the same brand, especially when you know the ingredients are similar. 

Our Subtl Beauty Makeup Stacks are consistently formatted to work together without counteracting or canceling out the benefits of other steps. Consistent, long-lasting formulas seamlessly melt into your skin and stay put for hours. We’re showing you firsthand why a kit is the way to go. 

Both Stunning and Portable

Our most basic pre-curated Stack comes with three multi-use products. Pick your concealer shade, and we’ll include a Bronzer and flattering Lip and Cheek to complete your trio. 

Creamy Concealer

The Creamy Concealer can be used to spot-treat imperfections, alleviate dark under-eye circles, and even act as a lightweight foundation of sorts. This concealer brings the most subtle glow to your face without feeling or looking overdone. 

With shades ranging from Highland (a deep, neutral shade) to Brookline (a fair shade with cool undertones), you’re sure to find your perfect match — both for your skin tone and your travel bag. 

Buttery Bronzer

Use the buttery powder Bronzer to sculpt and give yourself a year-round warm glow. 

Apply with a fluffier brush for natural all-over color, or use a stiffer brush for a more precise, dense color. 

If you don’t have a brush like this on hand, take your Stack Brush BFF (included with every Subtl Beauty purchase) and pinch the base of the bristles together with your thumb and index finger. This technique will fan the bristles out and turn your all-over brush into a handy contouring and precision applicator. That’s right; we even designed a travel-friendly brush for you. 

A powder bronzer is a phenomenal way to contour and enhance your face's natural features. It can also be used as an eyeshadow and a soft powder eyeliner, or it can be mixed with a moisturizer to create a cream-based alternative. It’s the do-it-all product that can completely transform your travel makeup routine.

Lip and Cheek Balm

Our Lip and Cheek balm is exactly what it sounds like. 

This creamy balm makes for a great, buildable blush and lip color. This product can be worn as a singular, sheer layer or built up to achieve a more vibrant appearance. Since it’s a two-in-one product, you’ll have even fewer items that you have to make room for in your travel-size makeup kit. 

Multiple Shades for Multiple Needs

You can customize your Makeup Stack with your desired shades of bronzer, blush, and concealer, but you can also take it a step further. 

Bring the multi-faceted use of an entire cream contour palette to the palm of your hand by adding a few other color shades. Grab a concealer to hide your under-eye bags and other blemishes, and consider adding a darker shade to your Stack as a blendable cream contour option, too. 

If you’re the person who can never have enough glow, our highlighter will allow you to shine your brightest, even while you’re traveling. 

If you want to emphasize your eyes, we’ve got you covered there, too. An Eyeshadow Duo gives you two cohesive shades that you can use to create a simple yet dramatic eye look, all without taking up a crazy amount of space. 

If you’re looking for a little more pizazz, maybe pick up an extra Eyeshadow Duo and build your own “quad” to enhance your day-to-night look further. The possibilities are endless and easily packable in any purse or bag.


Some makeup is stunning, and some makeup is portable. 

However, few options on the market are stunningly portable. We’ve eliminated bulky, unnecessary packaging and developed high-quality essentials that are on-trend, flattering to all skin tones, and able to get you through the day. Whether you are running errands down the street or spending a week abroad, we’ve got your back.

For an uber-portable option, try out Tones by Subtl Beauty. Pick your matching concealer shade, let us do the rest, and enjoy stunning skin, compact packaging, and long-lasting results. 



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