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Using Subtl Beauty Throughout The Day As a Professional in New York City

Pauline from Zilch Beauty is back to give us a makeup day in the life as a marketing professional in New York City! Here's her morning routine, her mid-day touch up and after work!

Products Used: 

Arlington Concealer
Mauve Lip & Cheek
Highlighter Champagne
Eyeshadow Duos in Jelly
Lip and Cheek in Dusty Rose & Mauve
Bronzer in Chai


Hi, it's Pauline from Zilch Beauty! Today, I want to invite you to spend a day with me and see what my life is like. By day, I work as a tech marketer, but I'm also a certified makeup artist and skincare enthusiast all the other times. I'm just getting ready to head to work now, and even though it's a "dirty hair day," I'm going to wear a clip and do my makeup using my Subtle Stack. I'll bring it with me to work and show you how I touch up throughout the day. You'll get to see what a typical day in the life of a New York City career girl looks like! Before I start with my stack, I apply my own tinted, glowy moisturizer. I mix a serum foundation with a bit of glowy primer on my fingers and distribute it around my face, using my hands to apply it.
Let me explain what I usually do with serum foundation. I'm not a big fan of using brushes because they absorb the serum, so I prefer using my fingers to apply it. After applying, I usually wash my hands to remove any excess serum and make sure the color is even on my face and neck. I use a subtle flat brush to ensure the serum is applied evenly. Now, it's time to use my Subtl Stack.
I'll start with the subtle Arlington concealer, which I love to use under my eyes and on the red patches on the sides of my face from hormonal acne. This shade works well for both areas.

Sometimes, I have to use different shades for the concealer, but this one seems to work well for both my under-eye area and the red patches. As you can see, I'm using the flat brush again. Today, I'm going for a cream-based look because it's late January and I'm going to work. Now that I'm done with the concealer, I'll use my favorite lip and cheek product, Mauve. I love this shade, and it works well in all seasons when I want to look fresh and awake. Occasionally, I mix it with Dusty Rose for a bit more depth in the winter. Dusty Rose has a warmer tone, which makes it perfect for colder months.

Let's focus on just the lips for now. I'm going to use the cream highlighter duo in champagne and rose to add some creaminess to my lips. To do this, I like to mix the two colors on my ring finger and apply them to the high points of my face. This product tends to wear off quickly since it's on the outermost layer, so I'll need to touch it up throughout the day. I'll also use some of this product on my eyelids today for a fresh and glowy look. Normally, I don't wear eyeshadow to work, but if I do, I'll use a lighter shade like Jelly with these softer shades.

They're more every day. I'm gonna go just go into that deeper side of jelly. Just put that in my crease a little bit to differentiate from that like bright flat lid that we created. So you can see him kind of mixing and matching products. The cream highlighters on the base of the lid, and I'm using the matte side of jelly on the crease of these lids. And then if you ever need to set like a cream eyeshadow, you can always use powder shimmer to set that. So I'm just using Jelly. I said I wasn't gonna do it, but okay, I'm gonna use a little bit of bronzer. I'm gonna use the shade Chai. I'm gonna go in with my own bronzer brush. And I'm just gonna scoop that underneath that lip and cheek that we started. So kind of like a Nike swoop right underneath.

Many people apply bronzer first, which I also usually do, but today I did it the opposite way. To apply it, just sweep it underneath and then bring it around the hairline to connect with the line you've created. You can also bring it down a bit. After that, I do my brows and lashes, and then I have to hurry because I'm running late. This is my final look for the office, so I'll pack my bags and take the subway.

I'm currently in the work bathroom after lunchtime, and I want to update my concealer, lip, and cheek makeup the most. So, I'm using my finger to apply the concealer, which I put on at 8:00 AM. It's now 2:30 PM, and it's been holding up well for six and a half hours, even though I didn't use any powder to set it. If you have oily skin or your makeup tends to wear off quickly, a shine control powder would be helpful. However, my skin felt dry this morning, so I didn't add any powder to it. Now that I'm in the bathroom, I'll touch up a few other areas and blend them out with my brush.
The lighting in this corporate office isn't great, but let's move on. First, I'll quickly update my concealer using the flat brush. Next, I'll grab the lip and cheek product. I'll mix a bit of the Dusty Rose and Mauve shades on the back of my finger and apply it to my cheeks. My hands are clean, so I'll also apply some of the cream highlighter to the high points of my face and maybe a little on the inner corners of my eyelids. It spreads easily, so I don't need much. I'm not going to set my makeup with bronzer or eyeshadow because I'm going to a workout class. I'll see how my makeup holds up after the class and let you know. Refreshing my makeup stack was easy, and if you enjoyed watching, Subtl' Beauty's YouTube channel has lots of other effortless content to follow. Don't forget to like and subscribe.

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