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3 DIY Fall Beauty Hacks

DIY Fall Beauty Hacks

Do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day? Us too. With the new school year starting, hectic work schedules, and everything in between, every second counts when it comes to our beauty routines. That’s why we’re spilling the tea on all the latest beauty hacks that will have you saving time (and money!) to get the looks you love!

Fuller lashes without falsies

Fuller Lashes Without the Falsies

If you want fluffier, fuller, natural looking lashes without the hassle or recurring purchase of false lashes… we got you. All you need to achieve Bambi-like lashes is mascara and a translucent powder. We opt for the Subtl Beauty Shine Control Powder, because it’s already in our clutch for those extra shine moments, too!

What you’ll do…

  1. Apply one coat of mascara. Too many coats will make your lashes thick and chunky, and less natural-looking!
  2. Gently dust your lashes with the powder, until evenly dispersed across your lash line.
  3. Apply a second coat of mascara to your lashes until powder is no longer visible.
  4. Bat, wink, and flutter those voluminous lashes, girl!

Lip primer

Lip Primer to Matte Maker

Whether you’re in the market for a lip primer or have a lip shade you love that features a little more shine than you’d like for your look, this hack checks both boxes instantly. All you need to achieve a lip look that stays locked in place is your go-to lip shade, a translucent powder, and a setting brush. You can try this look with any of the Lip Cheek shades, Shine Control Powder, and the Stack Brush BFF!

What you’ll do…

  1. Apply the lipstick or lip cheek to your lips as you would normally wear it.
  2. Place a tissue over top of your lips.
  3. Dab some powder onto your brush, and lightly dab onto the tissue along the shape of your lips.
  4. Pucker, pout, and flaunt your matte lips all night long!

DIY Tinted Moisterizer

2-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer

As much as we love Fall, it still comes with some warmer days that interfere with our outdoor festivities… and sweat levels. In those cases, less coverage is more. Even when the temperature starts to drop, this hack is great for keeping your skin moisturized to avoid dry, flaky skin. All you need to make a tinted moisturizer is your go-to foundation or concealer, and your favorite moisturizer. We highly recommend trying this hack with the Subtl Beauty Cream Concealer and an oil-free moisturizer for medium coverage that feels light and gentle on your skin.

What you’ll do…

  1. For full coverage, apply a penny size amount of both your foundation or concealer and your moisturizer to your palm. For lighter coverage, apply a dime size of both products.
  2. Mix both products onto your palm until fully blended.
  3. Apply to your face as needed, using your finger tips for lighter coverage, or a brush for all-over coverage.
  4. Love the skin you’re in, you look stunning, darling!
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