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7 Ways to Have Date Night at Home

If you live with your partner, you’ve probably started to get a little annoyed with each other by now. Being stuck inside the house 24/7 can be irritating and stressful, which is why it’s so important to set aside time for intimacy and romance. This means putting your phones down to focus on loving and communicating with your boo. 

Feeling uninspired? We came up with 7 ways you can have a date from the comfort of your home.

Spa Night at Home
Date #1: Have a spa night.

Many of us are all about self-care, so why not share that with your partner? Having a spa night together is a fun way to unwind and relax together. See how we created our own at-home spa in our latest blog. 

Paint brushes with paint on them.

Date #2: Get crafty and boozy.

Paint and sips are a great way to get creative while catching a buzz. Recreate your own home version of this by ordering some craft supplies and a bottle or two of wine in advance. We recommend giving acrylic pouring a try if you’re feeling extra creative.


Two women working out.

Date #3: Break a sweat.

It’s easy to be a couch potato when you’re stuck indoors all day. Switch things up by dedicating time once a week or even everyday to workout together. This could be a long jog at your local park (maintaining a safe distance from others) or one of the many youtube workout videos.

A couple having a candlelight date.

Date #4: Recreate fine dining at home. 

For this at-home date, go ahead and get all dolled up as if you were going out for a night on the town. Light a candle or two in your dining or living room and order takeout from your favorite date night restaurant. Finish the night off by cuddling up under a cozy blanket and watching a movie together. 

A deck of cards.

Date #5: Get competitive with card games.

Now is the time to sharpen up your card game skills. Break out a deck of cards and play your favorite games or mix things up by learning some new ones. One of our favorites is rummy! This is a great way to blow off steam with a little friendly competition.

A marble statue.

Date #6: Spend a virtual night at the museum.

If you and your boo are itching for an adventure, take a virtual trip to a famous museum or zoo. You can take virtual tours 360-degree tours and view live streams all from the comfort of your bed. Maybe you’ll get inspired to plan a trip later on!

A pan of muffins that are about to get baked.

Date #7: Bake together.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all probably tried our hand at making banana bread by now. Look for a sweet treat you’d both enjoy and find a recipe to make it! Try a more challenging recipe if you’re feeling ambitious. If the two of you aren’t the best bakers, opt for something simple, like a foolproof boxed muffin or brownie mix. Whatever you make will be that much sweeter when you bake together.

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