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My Bare-Minimum Makeup Routine

Hello beautiful! Rachel here. Today I thought I'd share my go-to routine when I'm in a rush or just not feeling up to putting on makeup. This is a very typical work from home look for me. 



It's so simple, it literally only takes me one minute!

First, I like to apply some Mauve Lip & Cheek to the apples of my cheeks. This helps me look more alive & awake, which is always nice, right? Lol. I either apply this with my fingers or my favorite, the Stippling Brush from the 4 Piece Travel Set.

After my blush is done, I simply add a swipe of Lip Balm to keep my lips nourished and hydrated while giving them a natural shine. Here you can see me scraping at the edges of my very last Peach Sorbet... IYKYK. I'm realizing I can't live without this, so I think I'll have to do something about that. 

And that's it! 2 simple steps that honestly make all the difference in helping me look and feel more put together. 

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