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Pisces Inspired Makeup Tutorial

We're so excited to have Pauline on the channel with something a little different today! It's officially Pisces season, so she's here to take you through this Pisces-inspired makeup tutorial featuring shimmery eye makeup and a berry-hued lip and cheek color!

Pisces are a water sign marked by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing their tendency to teeter between fantasy and reality. They are known for being mystical, emotional, and imaginative.

To create this look, Pauline branches out into different eyeshadow hues to create a dreamy, dewy vibe. This look can be Subtl-fied by using Purple Haze as a base color, Smoke & Mirrors in the crease for dimension, and topped off with the Jelly shimmer shade!

Next, she uses Plum Lip & Cheek for a gorgeous berry color on her lips and cheeks, topped with Champagne Highlighter to really bring out that glow. Finally, she adds a bit of gloss to her lips (and a dab on her cheeks!) to cement that watery, mystical look. 

Even if you're not a Pisces, this look is so fun and different from our usual style. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 

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