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Plum Perfection: Makeup Tutorial for a Soft and Romantic Plum Look

Niara is here today with a soft and gorgeous makeup look using the Subtl Beauty Plum Lip & Cheek. This is one of our most popular shades and it's finally back after selling out THREE TIMES!

Products used:

Plum Lip & Cheek
Espresso Bronzer
Pink in a Pinch Powder Blush
Shine Control Powder



I'm getting ready to go to my friend's house for a girl's night and Valentine's Day get-together. I'm excited because the Plum Lip and Cheek shade is finally back in stock, which is one of my favorite shades, especially for brown skin tones. I like to apply it when my foundation is still 'wet', before adding any setting powder or cream bronzer. I'm currently blending out my concealer while admiring how nice the shade looks. We don't have any specific plans for the night, but my friend and I often have sleepovers even though we're in our 30s – I'm 31 and she's 36. I have a bottle of wine and some chocolates ready for us.

I like to make sure my cream blush and bronzer are mixed together, but not too much. If they're too separated, it can make you look a bit clown-y, so blending them together creates a seamless illusion of fading contouring and highlighting. Next, I'm setting my cream products with powder for a longer lasting look. So I'm adding some Pink in a Pinch Powder Blush on top of the Plum Lip and Cheek. If a powder version of Plum existed, I'd definitely layer it on top to really set the look... If any product developers are reading, give me a call! Last, I'm going to finish off the look with my tried and true Shine Control Powder

So check out our Plum Lip and Cheek! It looks so great. You should get it along with the other products I told you about. Look at my stack here, I'm taking it all to my friend's house tonight. With a bit of bronzer, blush, lip and cheek, and shine control powder, I'm all set. No need to worry about anything else!

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