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5 reasons you need the best dry makeup brush cleaner by subtl beauty

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Subtl Beauty has the best dry makeup brush cleaner that can be used on-the-go.

in 2016, it was all the rage to have 50+ makeup brushes for the bountiful eyeshadow pallets you likely collected (no judgment here!). cleaning all of those tools was a chore like no other, meaning you might’ve resorted to a pricey makeup brush cleaner machine or even a homemade makeup brush cleaner. today, minimalism is in, and at subtl beauty – we couldn’t be happier, which is why we made this task a thing of the past with our new dry makeup brush cleaner.


@subtlbeauty Our best kept (not so) secret product!! Who else is guilty of not cleaning their brushes hardly… ever? 🫠😅 #brushcleaner #drybrushcleaner #makeupstack #stackablemakeup ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty


keep reading to see why you need the best dry makeup brush cleaner by us – subtl beauty

the best dry makeup brush cleaner allows you to switch products with ease

Subtl Beauty has the best dry makeup brush cleaner because it allows you to switch between Stak layers with ease.

imagine this: you’ve just gotten to your swanky european hotel to get full-glammed out for the fun night ahead. opening your cluttered makeup bag, you realize you've only packed one brush for all of your makeup routine’s steps. this won't suffice due to the risk of pigment transfer.

pigment transfer refers to the unintentional transference of color from one makeup product to another. for example, when you accidentally use a brush that has leftover dark eyeshadow to apply your highlighter. while it may seem like a rookie mistake – we’ve all done it a time or two

thankfully, we’ve solved this problem (and more). one of the standout features of subtl’s dry makeup brush cleaner is its ability to allow you to effortlessly switch between products with different hues, meaning pigment transfer no longer has to be a worry when traveling or at home. 

check out how our founder, rachel reid, uses the best dry makeup brush cleaner in her stak for an easy grwm:


the best dry makeup brush cleaner offers convenience for on-the-go brush cleaningWoman using Subtl Beauty's Starter Stak for on-the-go makeup. You can add the best dry brush cleaner to it.

if you’re new to the best dry makeup brush cleaner and usually go for diy makeup brush cleaners or makeup brush cleaner machines, listen up: our dry makeup brush cleaner offers convenience for on-the-go brush cleaning, so you can get your tools spic and span, anywhere

here’s the tea on our dry makeup brush cleaner:

  • it’s lightweight and ultra-portable
  • it’s easy-to-use and store
  • it’s the perfect layer to add to your starter stak, which is a necessity and comes with a free stak brush bff that’s an all-in-one tool for a compact beauty routine

did you know that since our dry makeup brush cleaner is so convenient, it encourages regular makeup brush cleaning for better tool hygiene? for those in the backdirty makeup brushes can cause acne and infections, while also worsening some skin conditions like eczema.


the best dry makeup brush cleaner doesn’t involve liquids or water

The best dry brush cleaner by Subtl Beauty doesn't involve water or liquids for easy on-the-go makeup.

a downside of homemade makeup brush cleaners, diy makeup brush cleaners, and makeup brush cleaning machines is that they usually involve liquids or h20. if you’re a traveler, you’re likely being scarce with the liquids you pack and may not have the convenience of water 24/7. 

one of the reasons we created the best dry makeup brush cleaner is because, as the name implies, it doesn’t require the use of water or any liquids. all you have to do to ensure zero pigment transfer is swish your brush back and forth a few times, and voilà, you’re ready to go.


the best dry makeup brush cleaner is more environmentally friendly than cleaning wipes or chemicals

The best dry brush cleaner by Subtl Beauty is more environmentally-friendly than makeup wipes and chemical cleansers.

at subtl beauty, being environmentally friendly is a priority for us, which is another reason we created our most asked-for, re-usable product: the dry makeup brush cleaner. watch this ig video to learn about some of the other changes we’ve implemented to be more eco-conscious:


here is why subtl’s best dry makeup brush cleaner offers a more environmentally friendly solution compared to other tool hygiene methods like cleaning wipes and chemicals:

  • reduced Waste: dry makeup brush cleaners usually come in the form of solid cleansers or cleaning pads (ours comes with three because who doesn’t love extras?) that can be reused multiple times. in contrast, cleaning wipes are single-use products that can contribute to a significant amount of waste, especially if used daily.
  • less Packaging: dry makeup brush cleaners typically come with minimal or sustainable packaging, whereas cleaning wipes or chemicals often come in individually wrapped or plastic containers, contributing once again to more packaging waste.
  • fewer Chemicals: dry makeup brush cleaners don’t contain harsh chemicals like some liquid brush cleansers or makeup wipes, reducing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and disposing of chemical-laden products. plus, your skin will thank you for skipping out on the chemicals in the long run (they can cause dry, red patches).

the best dry makeup brush cleaner can be added to the subtl beauty starter stak

The best dry brush cleaner can be added to the Subtl Beauty Starter Stak for easy on-the-go makeup moments.

want to join over 500+ subtl beauties by grabbing a starter stak so you can add the best dry makeup brush cleaner to it? click here to choose your concealer shade, so we know how to perfectly curate your unique starter stak. if you’re unsure what shade to get, check out our 30-second quiz that’s designed to help you easily navigate subtl’s beginner-friendly products.
The Subtl Beauty Starter Stak includes: bronzer, concealer, lip & cheek, hightlighter, and shine control pressed powder, but you can add the best dry brush cleaner to it.

here are the features of our starter stak ( it’s perfect for all ages):

  • cream concealer (in the shade of your choice): transformative, versatile, and long-lasting, our cream concealer is a lightweight formula that gives great coverage without any pesky creasing. you can choose from nineteen inclusive shades, and if it’s not a perfect match for your skin tone, we’ll replace it for free – no questions asked.
  • lip & cheek (in terracotta tour guide): multifunctional and buildable, our lip & cheek is a creamy 2-in-1 product that’s perfect for achieving a seamless, natural makeup finish. with only a few finger taps, it’s easier than ever to add a dash of color to any look.
  • bronzer (based on the concealer you choose) with our bronzer boasting an ultra-high concentration of pigment, a little goes a long way (this video is a great learning tool for beginners!). it comes in five shades to complement every gorgeous skin tone out there.
  • pressed-powder highlighter (in champagne): highlighter is one of the best steps of any makeup routine, which is why we made ours easy to use, beginner-friendly, and minimalist-approved. the subtl highlighter is versatile, perfect for highlighting and adding a shimmer to any eyeshadow look, and can be built up for a glassy look.
  • shine control pressed powder: our shine control powder is a game-changer as it keeps oil at bay. unlike many other translucent powders, ours is lightweight, cake-free, sets makeup in place, and will last longer than an eight-hour flight or workday. plus, it’s formulated with top-notch, hydrating, and non-comedogenic ingredients like squalane
Subtl Beauty's Starter Stak has built-in tools, includes everything you need, is refillable, can be applied with just your fingers, and customizable with the best dry brush cleaner and more.

if you’re still hesitant to try out our starter stak with the best dry makeup brush cleaner, take a look at how easy, fun, convenient, and compact it is:

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